classroom management (flight) plan {printable}


Have you heard the analogy that depicts you being the pilot of a plane? You take off to head a half hour in a specified direction. Short trip. What happens if you’re off by a degree? You most likely can make a slight adjustment and have lost little to no time. Now what if you were flying a red eye over 13 hours, crossing major oceans and are off by the simple degree? You’ve majorly missed your mark and have lost time too because you now have to completely redirect and realign a new flight!

Okay, so I’m not a pilot, but I love this to illustrate the importance of starting off a school year with a flight plan {classroom management plan} (TpT) in place. A solid one.

classroom management {flight} plan - KindergartenWorks

Over the years, I’ve always used color cards because that is what our schools have used. My plan always had some type of tangible rewards built in for students who are motivated extrinsically. My plan always focuses on making choices. My verbage always focuses on choices. My rewards did not.

So this year, I will be adding to my plan and I think it will help me make the slight degree of adjustment to make for a smooth landing and great school year! I’m excited to have created a binder of choices that feature rewards to offer student choice. I printed coupons from Mel D. and made binder pages from those to place into the binder pockets.

classroom management {flight} plan - KindergartenWorks
classroom management {flight} plan - KindergartenWorks

Students will be able to select their reward and ticket and write their name on the back of them (they are laminated) with a vis-a-vis marker. When they turn them in, we can easily rinse off their name and return their ticket to the binder pocket. This is an upgrade from the simple treasure box prizes {ah hem, trinkets} that I offered. I’ll still have these as an option, since some

That’s one degree of change I am making! The second is that I want students to have something to take home when their great (way above and beyond) behavior was noticed. Making it quick like a sticker, but more unique was my task. So, paper bracelets is where I landed!

I have four bracelets now that students can put on {relatively quickly} and use to proudly show off their great choices. These coincide with our classroom rules and classroom behavior plan. I figure they’ll rip, but they can still be taken home as proof or shared from a pocket later in the day.

Behavior Bracelets | TpT

I made them with blank space on one side to fit the small wrists (so they can overlap) and with simple icons (to match classroom rules) to stick out of an organizer. Of course, you can use tape to make them close, but they are just so much cooler, when you can lick and stick them shut. I added the recipe for lickable glue, color and black & white versions too.

Are you changing or upgrading anything about your classroom management (flight plan) this year? Do share! If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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