I can remember back to my first year of teaching and learning how to do guided reading and reading the latest books about it as part of our professional development. I learn a little more every year how to be a little more guiding and a little less directing… and I’ve learned to learn from my students when I feel stuck.

For example, I wanted to introduce my little kinder-group to the book, Moving Day and to the fact that the words that they will have to figure out per page will have the same beginning sound, so they’ll have to rely on a strategy other than getting your mouth ready… (I use these posters I created for prompting)

What else could we do? Yes! Let’s look for bits we know.
So I proceed to write “cars” and “comics”on my little white board so that I can use an example they’ll see from the book to illustrate what they can try. So we find a bit we know in cars that looks like someone’s last name that helps us figure it out. Check.
Comics. I panic for the briefest instant – there is nothing coming to mind that I can compare it to. I’m determined to guide and not give, so I lower my ego and honestly ask (as opposed to asking for the purpose of seeing if they can find what I want them to find) “Does anyone see something in here that looks like a word or bit they know?” 
And from the mouth of a student that normally needs lots of support, “Dot com!”
Yes! Dot com. I will add that one to my metal list of bits the coming generations will be able to refer to.
Comics. Check.

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    Cutest story! It’s funny how much kids these days know…