the technology zone {free download}


I teach math using a small group approach. When I am working with students in the teacher zone, I have students working at three other zones. This is how I set up a technology zone, a place for my kinders to practice math skills and Common Core standards using websites.

Why I Created a Technology Zone

the technology zone {free download} - KindergartenWorks

When I planned out what I wanted my guided math time to look like, I knew I wanted small enough groups to make it worthwhile and therefore needed a good set of other activities to engage students in.

Technology was the perfect solution in addition to using math gamesmath journals and me, the teacher!

Before I begin to roll this zone out for you, let me preface by saying that I began this before I had the technology within my classroom for a small group of up to 6 students. That was tricky but we made it work by using other resources. Let me also preface that I do not teach in a Title 1 school. We receive no cash in order to provide a subscription to programs for my kinders. I had to create my own if I wanted standards-specific material.

On a side note, I got to pilot Dreambox last year and wish I had it for my entire class. It works perfectly for a system like math zones!


I created a set of pdf pages. Each page has a collection of links that I’ve numbered and ordered to fit the general needs of my students based on planning my math curriculum. I use dropbox to place the set of pages onto each computer in my classroom. When I update the file within the folder, it automatically is updated on every computer.

I hang a picture of the main landing page that all students see (page 1 of the file) when they open the pdf. This enlarged paper version is how I highlight which week students should work on.

the technology zone {free download} - KindergartenWorks

Students simply work through the numbered list of activities. They actually have the opportunity to play them up to 4 times, since each set of games lasts 2 weeks. There are actually 3 pages per week. I did this in order to differentiate for my kinders.

I use stars to group my kinders. The more stars, the more support they need. I also use the same symbols on the materials in my classroom to help differentiate and keep items easily accessible to kinders.

the technology zone {free download} - KindergartenWorks

When students have completed the tasks, I have a set of math videos I also placed into a cloud {to keep youtube advertising and video suggestions from popping up} that they watch and learn from.

the technology zone {free download} - KindergartenWorks

Quarter 12, 3, 4 Technology Zone Games/Activities

{Some are still a work in progress – no complaining since it’s a free download. Deal?}


Here are my tips for using these:
  • Model completing the lesson page (with more explicit instruction early on) in small groups.
  • Model what the end of an activity looks like so students know when they’re expected to exit (eventually many sites will become familiar and they will not need as much direction).
  • When students ask for help reply with, “What makes good sense?”
  • Use the stars under an activity’s title to model how many times you’d like them to repeat the activity.
the technology zone {free download} - KindergartenWorks

If you like this format, you may also like the combined math and language arts Computer Lab Lesson Plan Pages (TpT) that we use in our regular computer lab times.

More on Guided Math Zones


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  • Stephanie

    Love these! Can’t get the link for quarter 3 to work though. And is there a quarter 1? I started using your Math Zones last year and love them!! So did my kids!

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Thanks Stephanie – so great to hear! There is a quarter 1, but it is so rough that I’m not brave enough to share it live ;)
      – Leslie

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  • Malissa Mobley

    If there are six kids per rotation do you have six computers? I only have two, so how would I make this work? : (

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Hi Malissa, I have 5 student computers this year and a teacher computer, so I let them use that. You could potentially rotate using the computer or implement math books on CD or something else. We also brought in a parent volunteer to take a small group down to the computer lab one year. Sometimes it takes being very creative!

      – Leslie

  • tritonkory

    I am curious what you mean by “I do not teach in a Title 1 school. We receive no cash in order to provide a subscription to programs for my kinders.” I teach in a school that has Title(MN) and have never heard about any subscriptions. We have a Title teacher and EAs that work with our kids. Would love hear what money there might be out there for us to use. Thanks! Looking forward to looking into this as I have decided this year to try to doing math like this with small groups.

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Every school has allowances on how they can spend money. In a previous Title school, we were able to use monies to purchase academic subscriptions to online sites. Not every school or district allows for the same thing, but it might be worth mentioning if you’re interested. I highly recommend Dreambox for math.
      – Leslie

  • Lisa Carter

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!!!! I have a set of Chromebooks in my room that I use but spend hours finding new activities for my kids to use. You have saved me SOOOOO much time!! And I LOVE that the differentiation is built in! You are my new best friend!!!

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Glad to hear you can use them! Will you store the pdf’s on a cloud somewhere for your students to access? I have a personal chromebook and thought that would be my way of making them accessible to students.
      – Leslie

  • Stacie Mandrell

    Hey Leslie! This is so fabulous…I think! :) I can’t seem to open the PDFs from dropbox. Im getting an error. Ideas? Also, this should work from iPads shouldn’t it? I have 5 in my room…wrote a Donors Choose grant last year and it was funded!

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Hmmmm…. it’s working for me on my end Stacie. Perhaps try the downloads again? Tell me more about the error if it happens again. Should be able to use iPads – they are just pdfs with hyperlinks. Congrats on getting your project funded – so AWESOME!
      – Leslie

      • Stacie

        heehee, came across this blog post again and checked it out and the PDFs are indeed working but not all the links…sort of. Many links take me to a site that looks like it is foreign and also looks like I may need a loggin or account. Do I or are these the links you are talking about that aren’t all ready yet? Either way, this is an AMAZING resource…as usual!

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