introducing Brianna and the Lock Smock {giveaway item}


I did it. I really did it.
Did what?
Bought something on Etsy.
For real?
You’ve never done that before? {shock}
Nope, not until I saw this.

KindergartenWorks: introducing Brianna and the Lock Smock {giveaway item}

Let me tell you, personally that I am so thrilled to find something that is BRILLIANT and just for teachers. I love things that are functional, beautiful and just plain make sense. That’s exactly what I found in this Lock Smock, a full-time classroom lockdown sling for any classroom door. It took me all of 30 seconds to read how a Lock Smock works to know I had to have one.

What’s more exciting is that I’m giving a lucky reader a Dark Blue with Bright Flowers Lock Smock {gorgeous} which retails for $11.50. I think the value of not having to worry about where your keys are (usually somewhere they’re not supposed to be, in my case) or to having to give it a second thought if a sub is teaching in your stead is well worth the peace of mind.

KindergartenWorks: introducing Brianna and the Lock Smock {giveaway item}

One lucky KindergartenWorks reader will win this in the KindergartenWorks Summer Days Giveaway Package. This is one of seven products included in the package worth $150. You won’t find this complete package elsewhere online and it will cover you in reading, math, science, classroom management, classroom supplies and classroom safety. {You know I’ve got your back}

Brianna, the creator of the Lock Smock, has the cutest (durable) fabrics and my facebook readers helped pick out this Dark Blue with Bright Flowers {Paisley} fabric for our package. You’ll love how it easily slips onto the door handles, always allowing your locked door to be open and closed without actually locking.
KindergartenWorks: introducing Brianna and the Lock Smock {giveaway item}

In a pinch, you simply release the inside sling/elastic band off of the handle and let the Lock Smock hang outside your door. The door (which was already locked) now shuts tight and you did it within seconds – no looking for keys! {LOVE it – don’t you}

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