Mothers Day Handprint Poem {printable}


Flowers. I nearly almost always seem to kill them. Right. Anyone else able to relate? So why did I think we could grow them for Mother’s Day? Ha! ha {Not such a big laugh now that I’ve got to get something into gear.}

Well, truth be told we are sprouting some marigolds, but they are the teeniest sprouts. We are super proud of them, but they aren’t quite what I had imagined blessing moms with.

To the computer files I go!

I have worked really hard at organizing my computer files over the past year to be faster than ever looking in a file cabinet drawer with all of my school stuff. I keep more digital files and pdfs than I’ll ever even consider keeping in paper copies. I tend to hit the “print” button to our workroom copier way more often than I’ll grab a copy of something and take it with me to the copy room. More often I just go to pick up my printed copies.

Mothers Day Handprint Poem {printable}

Mothers Day Handprint Poem | TpT

Last year we created a simple hand print butterfly for Mother’s Day.

Click. Click.

I ran off 24 copies on 11×17 construction paper. Problem solved. We begin by writing “Happy Mother’s Day” at the bottom and writing our names and the date on the back. I pull out the paint and my kinders get to decide how they want to paint their hands. Two prints and we’re good to go!

Mother’s Day?

Adorable sprouts that we cared for and loved. Hopefully they last the summer.

A laminated hand print picture for mom. Hopefully they last a lifetime.

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