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One of the first literacy centers I ever intended to share with the teaching public is also one I haven’t shared much about. My first year in teaching kindergarten, I received lots of “toy” type items as donations and gifts to help stock my classroom. Although they were appreciated, I had no idea how to store them or use them effectively.

Well, I was pink slipped my first year since they brought me on two weeks after the year started and wasn’t needed based on numbers for the following year. What’s a teacher to do? Organize and create a plan for all of those materials! Determined to not let it all sit in a closet, I figured out that I could use the “toy” type of items, cards and general stuff as a “hook” in a literacy center.

non-fiction literacy center {printable} - KindergartenWorks

Out of this came the idea to pair the items with a set of non-fiction books. Simple idea and yet it capitalizes on my students innate love of non-fiction. I call it the non-fiction center {imagine that!}. I use white, sturdy baskets to keep a set of themed books together and added a binder. The binder has

  • a zipper pouch to hold the “toy” materials or cards
  • a “laptop” with vocabulary
  • a sorting mat

non-fiction literacy center {printable} - KindergartenWorks

This binder makes cleaning up and storing everything so much more organized (and easy) for my kinders.non-fiction literacy center {printable} - KindergartenWorksIn order to keep this center feeling fresh, I change out the non-fiction themes about every nine weeks. My kinders only get to this center once a week, so with six tubs to choose from there is enough variety.

non-fiction literacy center {printable} - KindergartenWorks

I label all of the books and materials in case anything tries to get lost {that never happens in your classroom either, right?} then anyone knows where it gets returned to even if they are just lending a helping hand and weren’t the ones playing with it. Its very similar to the way I label my classroom library.

non-fiction literacy center {printable} - KindergartenWorks

Here is a free set of organization materials you can download on: the human body, insects, butterflies and arachnids. I’ve also got the Non-fiction Literacy Center Poster that I use to help keep my kinders on track. It also outlines the Common Core Standards that each activity helps meet for any administrators walking through. (K.RF.1, K.RI.1, K.RI.2, K.RI.3, K.RI.4, K.RI.5, K.RI.6, K.RI.7, K.RI.8)

While I’m not sure what types of non-fiction books you like to collect, I hope that these can be helpful to you!

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  • Kerry Burke Antilla

    Wow! This is awesome! Off to start pulling resources and try it out for next year! Thanks!

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Thanks Kerry! Enjoy!
      – Leslie