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Daily folders in kindergarten is one of the things I’m most proud of. I created a system that works so smoothly and helps cut down my work load. No more stuffing folders! Daily communication is important between parents and their child about the day’s events, and between parents and me, the teacher. I’m sure I am preaching to the crowd! To help keep everyone on the same page and to create a system that is quick and effective for parents, my kinders have a daily folder.

In other words… creating RE-SPON-SI-BLE learners and teaching organization!

I have a color scheme running throughout my classroom and made coordinating labels for the front of each folder. It has different sections to help keep things ready in a pinch and teach organization! I use a bulletin board as my daily model of and students use it to know where papers go on a daily basis. {Daily Folders in Kindergarten} KindergartenWorks

It has an “empty” pocket. This pocket is designed for papers completed at school, newsletters, flyers, etc. I ask parents to empty this section daily, if not weekly, so that the kinders have less to organize and keep track of. These photographs from below are from labels I made a couple of years ago, so I’ve updated them since… but you get the idea. {Daily Folders in Kindergarten} KindergartenWorks

It has a parent-teacher communication sleeve that is clear. This part my kinders are responsible for checking and filing papers, notes, etc. into daily if necessary.

This is a parent’s place to get a note to the me, place checks, order forms, etc. I often use this to send home notes, behavior notifications, conference set-ups, confirmations and questions for parents. {Daily Folders in Kindergarten} KindergartenWorks

It has a calendar. It helps my kinders learn how to understand concepts of time, including the days of the week. I feel it is my kinders’ responsibility to track their behavior at school daily here too. That’s what the little boxes are for surrounding each date. It has a book log to keep track of books read at home that I normally print on the reverse side. Great for documentation purposes! {Daily Folders in Kindergarten} KindergartenWorks

It has a book log to keep track of books read at home. I’ve updated my logs from “read and record” to “read and respond” (in my new pack – see below) to better fit my kinders’ and families’ needs. I’m excited about the updated book logs as each month they ask quality questions in parent/kinder friendly ways to help them practice what we’re learning in school, at home. And they are Common Core Standards based – this excites me {yes, really!} because I am working hard at becoming super familiar with them for next year’s roll-out!

Finally, It has a work section for any work to be completed. Again, an old picture… maybe I should tape my camera to my hip as a reminder to take updated photos. {Daily Folders in Kindergarten} KindergartenWorks

Of course you can get your hands on the updated labels to create your own 3-part (or 4 parts if you count the calendar) folders. If you like to print on labels, then you’ll love that I’ve included an image of each one that you can drag and drop into Word or Publisher (wherever you make your labels) and you can make them fit the size label you want and purchase. {Daily Folders in Kindergarten} KindergartenWorks

Daily Folder Labels Kindergarten | TpT

Giving my kinders their own organizational tool helps build! How do like to give responsibility to your kinders? If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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  • Mrs. Joanna Brockhoff

    You make the paper clip in me very happy with this post. (; Can’t wait to see the pack!

  • Chrissy

    Thank you for sharing these great ideas! I will definitely be making a display board of our take-home folder for parent orientation in August.
    I also can’t wait to see your completed calendar pack!


  • Mrs. Coe

    This is the best idea I have seen all week!

  • KindergartenWorks

    Thanks Ladies. Fun to read your comments!

  • iteachk

    I have been following your blog and Tpt store. Just finally purchased the sight words and songs. I will be using Chicka Chicka theme in my classroom next year so your name tags really caught my eye! Will you be putting any of your Chicka stuff on TpT? I would definitely be interested in them. I love your stuff…it has a very original look to it!

  • KindergartenWorks

    IteachK, I will be including the chicka themed labels in the calendar pack. I love how creating a simple polka dot border makes for simple and beautiful bulletin boards. Thank you so much for your nice compliments! And thanks for purchasing the sight words pack – I’d love to hear your feedback!

  • JenniferL

    Love the idea of having a bulletin board to show exactly what it should look like….something for me to consider for open house!

  • Deedee Wills

    You continue to inspire me! I can’t wait to see what you put together. I made my substitute binder off of your blog post and samples. I was out of the classroom today for a RTI workshop and the binder was a big hit! It made my planning SoOoOo easy and the sub LOVED it!

    You are going to get me organized yet! Thanks Leslie!
    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  • KindergartenWorks

    Thanks Jennifer – it really is simple for me and the kinders!

  • KindergartenWorks

    Thanks Deedee! I’m so glad to hear about your sub binder – I’d love to see pics. So glad to hear that it helped both you and your sub. Your comments made me smile – thanks!

  • Kristi
  • KindergartenWorks

    I will be in touch!

  • Katie

    Anxiously awaiting this fabulous product!! Summer has barely started and of course I’m already thinking, planning and preparing for next year!

  • Linda McCardle

    Love your blog and will post your giveaway on my blog. Thanks for all the materials you create.

  • Widad

    I love your ideas! I’ve shared it with my teacher friends on Facebook!

  • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

    I love your ideas! I’ve shared it with my teacher friends on Facebook!

  • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

    I will be in touch!

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  • Betsy Brown

    I have 1 inch binders for my kinder-bears, but I use the same ‘responsibility’ concept. I love the labels. The past two years, I have just written ‘home’ and ‘school’ on the pockets with a permanent marker. For my little guys, the binders seem a sturdier choice. However, by mid-year, and we can’t figure out how or why, even those sturdy binders have developed a limpy-wimpy posture. I place three or four pocket protection sheets in the binders. One is for our monthly behavior calendar, based on our behavior clip chart, one is for our ongoing sight word list, and the others are dedicated to specific target skill areas. For example, I teach my kinder-bears a specific method to do addition in the classroom with boxes, circles, colors, etc. I place a copy of this method in their binders so parents can help them with homework or practice. I may have their concept vocabulary words for a unit in another pocket. Our school has spiral planners and our big binder is the perfect place to keep everything all together. That being said, all this works beautifully ONLY if the child brings their binder to school or someone at home is reviewing their binder with them. Thanks for sharing the labels.

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      You’re welcome Betsy! I know that it’s tricky to help some transfer the level of responsibility to/from home… but it’s why we try! Sounds like you have some great resources at the students’ and parents’ fingertips – awesome.
      – Leslie

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  • Jennifer

    Something I have found that works with my folders is adding a self portrait the students have drawn to the front. It creates ownership and have only had one lost out of 22 students.

    • Leslie @KindergartenWorks

      Awesome tip, thanks!
      – Leslie