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What can kindergartners do in computer lab successfully? In my own personal experience I’ve found that kindergarten computer lab lesson plans were practically non-existent. Here is what I created to help solve the problem and save you lots of time and hassle. Your computer lab teacher will thank you {and perhaps buy you chocolate}. Or if you have to do computers on your own then you know how daunting of a task it can be to keep kinders occupied and challenged on the computer without a subscription-based program.

These kindergarten Computer Lab Lesson Plans are designed to hit common core standards in reading and math. Perfect for using during computer lab time or some teachers have used them during stations.

kindergarten computer lab lesson plans - KindergartenWorks

Computer Lab Lesson Problems

In my teaching career, I experienced a Title 1 school that had purchased a program that gave students interactive practice. Then I moved to a non-Title school and there was absolutely nothing. There were “cd games” that ran slowly and frankly, I didn’t want to have to even contemplate making that work with a large class.

I didn’t want to leave the lesson plans up to my technology person, since I really did want to use the time to practice our standards-based skills while getting basic technology skills. I wanted the focus on the standards, so that meant planning fell to me since I knew my kinders best.

Planning Smart

I’ve come a loooong way in the creation of the first set of materials I used with my students eight years ago. We now have created a system of numbered games and activities hosted online {so no cd’s or subscriptions needed} that are broken up into nine activities each week.

I created the flow and format of the lessons so my students to know what to expect and do. I can spend my time explaining how to use their skills instead of teaching a new “project” each week, having them type their alphabet a gazillion times or making them use starfall repetitively until it they fall off of their chairs. I created a system for making lesson plans, they use it to work at their own pace.

kindergarten computer lab lesson plans - KindergartenWorks

Now, I just have to email my computer lab teacher what week of material I’d like them to use, any navigation items that could potentially hang up a student (since not all websites are as kinder-friendly as I’d like…. although you’d be surprised how learning to navigate different sites improves their ability to think through what makes good sense) and if there are any specific skill games I want to be introduced. I could also teach the lesson plans this in my own classroom before they go to the lab if I preferred.

kindergarten computer lab lesson plans - KindergartenWorks

How do they work? They are pdf files that have buttons linking students to games that are kinder-friendly and ordered to be sequential. With a balance between variety and repetition, your kinders are sure to love them! You’ll find activities, games, videos and nursery rhymes that are helping your students meet the standards.

Need a visual? I made a video tutorial that may help give you the full idea of what they look like.

Or, you can check out this sample to help you break it down. Computer Lab Lesson Plans | Math and Reading | Kindergarten Sample

Early Finishers

kindergarten computer lab lesson plans - KindergartenWorks

At the end of each week’s game page, there is a link to a page of audio stories to help keep your fast-moving kinders learning with the open-ended nature of listening to books read aloud. The books are different for each set of nine weeks, which keeps things fresh. These read alouds can be highly-motivating for students to stay on task.

Ready to make your computer lesson plans more simple? Get Computer Lab Lesson Plans | Math and Reading | Kindergarten now!

kindergarten computer lab lesson plans - KindergartenWorks

Computer Lab Lesson Plans | Math and Reading | Kindergarten | TpT

Have a favorite website you’d like to see included in these games? Just let me know! If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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