Start Teaching Kindergarten – Feel Prepared. Be Prepared.

Teaching kindergarten is so awesome. I’ll be one of the first to say it!

However, to start teaching kindergarten on the right foot doesn’t exactly come with a manual…

Well, it didn’t.

Until now.

Have you ever wondered what to do when you find out that you’ve landed a kindergarten teaching job? Do you want to know how to start teaching kindergarten? Do you want some tips that leave you feeling prepared for starting out the school year teaching kindergarten?

There is so much information… millions of lesson plans and Pinterest pins to wade through that it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. This is why I’ve created the Back to School Bootcamp.

When you take Back to School Bootcamp I share my top secrets with you. All of my experience has been in kindergarten and it’s my wheelhouse so I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned over the years with you.

It’s my goal that you’ll feel more prepared and be more prepared to start a new school year in kindergarten.

If you're ready, let's figure out together:

What is Back to School Bootcamp?

Back to School Bootcamp is a free, nine-day email course where I help you think through and make plans to start out the first weeks of kindergarten so you can teach the way you want to.

And it is boot camp – so it’s none of the fluff – only the good stuff  – the stuff that really matters!

You’ll get free printable notes right away after you sign up. Use them to jot things down and develop your own action plan based on each lesson.

Each day, one lesson will greet you in your email inbox. You will want to open each email, read through the lesson and take notes.

Here's what you'll get in your inbox:

Lesson 1: Tips for a first year k teacher
Lesson 2: The secret that changes the first 21 days of school
Lesson 3: Teaching the small stuff makes all the difference
Lesson 4: Quick tip – How to form a line instantly
Lesson 5: Pictures from prepping for the first day of school
Lesson 6: How to prep for the first week(s)
Lesson 7: Quick tip – The famous lesson plan bracelet
Lesson 8: Instant organization in buckets
Lesson 9: My favorite freebies to start the year

I won’t bark orders at you – but I will be real with you! It’ll be like we’re having a one-on-one conversation in the teacher’s workroom, or over a cup of coffee. {almost}

Plus I will give you helpful links, pictures, and more so you can see exactly what I’m talking about as we move through each lesson.

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