composing and decomposing numbers series wrap up

Building kinders with great number sense has really helped us grow in all areas of math this year. Recently, I wrote a 3 part series to illustrate some of how we’ve worked on it especially in relationship to composing and decomposing numbers using groups of tens and ones. This is the wrap up for those three posts so you’ve got them all in one go-to location.

decomposing numbers – part 1

In Part 1, I explain the value and long-term picture of breaking and creating numbers using such a format. I also share with you how repeated practice makes a big difference based on the fact that it helps numerals become visual rather than just a written number. Plus, there is a new game in it for you to use with students who are accelerated. {You know I’ve got your back!}

decomposing numbers - part 1


tips for working on decomposing and composing numbers in kindergarten – part 2

In Part 2, I share my tips and ideas for implementing enough practice through your day and weekly schedule in hopes that you might be able to use one or some of them. This includes practice during calendar, games, small group activities, math journaling and other practice opportunities. I tried to include tons of pictures so you could really see the range of work we do even though most of them are from the spring and show more difficult levels of this skill.

tips for working on decomposing and composing numbers in kindergarten - part 2


why does 50+7=57? working with accelerated kindergartners – part 3

In Part 3, I was nervous to share with you some of how I work with my accelerated kindergartners. I am not a gifted/talented teacher nor do I want to pretend to be. I want to give my students work that fits them well, not just “more” work since they can do our Common Core standards independently. So I share with you how I check in on my kinders’ understanding, give practice to work through any leftover misconceptions and give them larger numbers to manipulate for independent practice.

why does 50+7=57? working with accelerated kindergartners - part 3

I hope this collection of tips, ideas and things I’ve learned from teaching kinders this skill can be beneficial to you and your class. As always, I like to share from our classroom to yours! Thanks for allowing me into your classroom and for sharing your thoughts and feedback with me.

Phew, it’s amazing how far we can come in one year! A little scary to think we get to start all over again soon. {wink} If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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