13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day crafts for kindergarten can be tricky to finagle in the classroom. Time is precious and yet creating a special mother’s day gift does top out the list every year of must-dos.

Here are some creative and sweet kindergarten crafts for Mother’s Day.

13 Easy Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts

The range of projects in this list ranges from projects that you can assemble the materials and kindergartners can do by themselves to projects that require a lot of adult work.

It took me a few years before I landed on a project that I wanted to do for more than just one year. I hope that this list can help you find something you’ll love to do every year!

Crafts Kids Can Do All By Themselves

I love it when I found projects that my kinders could do all by themselves.

These projects take modeling and prep of course, but the process from start to finish can totally be done by five and six-year-olds.

13Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - Gift they can do by themselves - KindergartenWorks

Mother’s Day Crafts – This pictured set crafts are fun and perfect for kindergartners.

There are more projects on this list, but the:

  • fingerprint poem
  • ‘love you to pieces’ card
  • thumbprint necklace and
  • tissue paper flowers

are just perfect for K.

Students may need a little help threading the thumbprint necklaces.

Mothers Day Handprint Poem - Free Kindergarten Activity

Mother’s Day Butterfly Handprint Poem – Kinders can write their message from a model and paint their own hands to make a sweet handprint poem for their moms.

Mother’s Day Crafts {Some Teacher Involvement}

These kindergarten projects for Mother’s Day are pretty awesome but do require a teacher to step in before the project is complete… or they require additional prep work and/or materials.

I think you’ll love these unique Mother’s Day crafts!

13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - You Light Up My Life Lightning Bug Jar - KindergartenWorks
source: craftymorning.com

You Light Up My Life Lightning Bug Jar – Fingerprints and a paper mason jar makes a cute gift or Mother’s day card craft.

Helping Hands Oven Mitt – Painted handprints makes an adorable oven mitt for mom. You can add the student name and year with a fabric marker once they’re dry. Snag an oven mitt at the dollar tree to save.

13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - 3D Flower Photo - KindergartenWorks: 3D Flower Photo
Source: elmers.com

3D Flower Photo – Take a staged photo and have students make a pipe cleaner and tissue paper flower to create a 3D effect.

13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - Faux Stained Glass - KindergartenWorks
source: smartschoolhouse.com

Faux Stained Glass – This is my favorite project since each one turns out unique. Snag photo frames at the dollar store to make this beautiful project with glue.

13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - Love You To the Moon and Back - KindergartenWorks
source: thehoundstoothteacher.blogspot.com

Love You To the Moon and Back – Popsicle sticks, aluminum foil and a cutout photo makes for an adorable keepsake project. Kindergartners will most likely need to have their photos cut out for them.

13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - Heart Felt Hand Tree - KindergartenWorks
source: krokotak.com

Heart Felt Hand Tree – Create a stand-up handprint tree with cut out hearts. A sweet project that will take a little more time.

You may also like this Sweet and Easy Mother’s Day Photo Overlay for Kindergarten Gifts. It takes very little class time but requires computer skills to finish it off. I’ll teach you how.

Creative Mother’s Day Projects {{Enlist  Some Help}}

While you don’t have to enlist help, these Mother’s day projects for kindergarten are definitely more hands-on.

You’ll want to weigh the cuteness against the work factor – but they might just be right up your alley!

13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - KindergartenWorks
source: soaringthroughsecond.com

I Love You Because Photo Shoot – Turn a photo shoot into a sweet photo mother’s day gift. Use a backdrop and an app or befunky.com to edit the photos with an individual message for each mom.

13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts - Fun Magnet Bookmarks - KindergartenWorks
source: harvardhomemaker.com

Fun Photo Bookmarks – These double-sided bookmarks are magnetic. You may want to enlist an adult’s help to cut out the photos and put them together but the finished product is really fun!

And just like that – after Mother’s Day the end of the year is upon us.

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13 Creative and Sweet Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts

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