Mothers Day Handprint Poem – Free Kindergarten Activity


Make a sweet handprint butterfly gift with a poem for Mother’s Day.

This free kindergarten activity is a painted handprint poem that will only take a few minutes to pull together.

Mothers Day Handprint Poem - Free Kindergarten Activity

Mother’s Day always seemed to creep up on me in the month of May. We get so busy planning for the end of the year that it almost always snuck by me.

Needless to say, in the past, I kept looking for a quick Mother’s Day gift my kindergartners could make.

And I needed a project or gift idea that didn’t require any extra prep work or supplies.

Free Kindergarten Hand print Activity for Mother's Day

This Mothers Day hand print poem ended up being just what I needed. I’ve used it for many years in a row now.

It pretty much boils down to printing and painting… my kind of low-prep activity.

How to make it

Here are the directions so you can make this handprint butterfly with your class. Moms will love it.

1. Click here to download your Mother’s Day poem. [terms of use] [downloading help]

Then choose the poem with the font you like (three different styles are included) and print off the number of poems you need for your class.

Now it’s time for your students to do their part.

2. Students write “Happy Mother’s Day” at the bottom and their names and the date on the back of the paper.

3. Students color the butterfly body.

Painted Hands Mothers Day Handprint Poem - Free Kindergarten Activity

4. Students paint their own hands and press them on the paper to make butterfly wings.

You could also do stamp pads in place of paint.

Now – you can give them to moms as is – or you can finish off with an additional step.

  • You could easily roll them up and tie them with string or ribbon – like a scroll. That is a pretty option.
  • You could fold them once and close it with a sticker – like a card.
  • You could glue to a piece of colored construction paper to create a frame.
Mothers Day Handprint Poem - Free Kindergarten Activity Template

Let’s wrap it up

Now – it could be that I chose this in the first place because it complemented what we were learning about butterflies – but this project has stuck around as my go-to gift for moms.

I loved how simple it was for me to pull together and felt like it was thoughtful enough for students to give to their moms.

Looking for something for Mother’s Day in Kindergarten that doesn’t require painting? I’ve got your back. These Mother’s Day photo overlays are the best thing ever.

Free - Sweet Mother's Day Photo Overlays for Kindergarten

And if you’d rather do a craft – I’ve got 13 Mother’s day ideas lined up for you based on your level of ambition {wink}

13 Easy Kindergarten Mother's Day Crafts

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  2. Very sweet and a great idea!
    Also, I was looking at your Common Core Assessment Bundle and I love it! I was wondering if you are able to share with me what your report card looks like? Our district is redoing everything and our report cards will line up with the common core and I thought I might have a better chance of talking them into buying your bundle if I could show them a report card that went with it. If this is possible or you have any ideas for me would you mind emailing me? [email protected] Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication! Andrea Parsons 🙂

  3. I love hand print poems. They are always a big hit on Mother’s Day.
    I never thought of making butterfly prints. What a great idea 🙂


  4. Love the handprints! What a good idea. I always kill plants too. I don’t know what it is, but I can never get them to stay alive! I’m sure the moms will love them!

    Lohren Nolan

  5. Yep, mine are teeny, too. But they are grown with love!! We have one more week-maybe they will have a growth spurt.

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