Free End of the Year Kindergarten Handprint Poem


The end of the school year brings lots of work and pulling a year’s worth of learning together. Learning about each other, life, academics, problem solving and more.

How can a kindergarten teacher use activities to help pull it together?

Here is one idea where the finished product is more for the parents but is a great discussion starter and lead-in activity.

Kindergarten End of the Year Handprint Poem

Let me share what inspired this poem, how to do the activity, and how it can kick off all our your end of the year wrap-up activities.

This handprint poem was inspired by Little Miss Kindergarten’s end of the year Kindergarten Handprint Poem which I used for years and loved.

But since we don’t “graduate” from kindergarten in our building and honestly, some kindergarten students will be ours again next year in kindergarten. So, I wrote a similar poem that just says “completed” kindergarten.

How to do the activity

First, download the free printable handprint poem. [terms of use] [downloading help]

end of the year kindergarten handprint poem

You can blow the poem up onto 11×17 paper or print it as is – one copy for each student.

Students write their name on the paper and then rub a tiny amount of soap all over their hands without any water (like hand sanitizer). Think of this as a primer to help wash off the paint later.

Next, let your students chose from three colors of paint and paint their hands – one at a time and then push their handprints onto the paper at the bottom.

I think that they turned out very beautiful just as they are on white paper, so we didn’t add anything, although you could definitely let them paint a frame or add a construction paper background.

What we do after the activity

This cute end-of-the-year handprint poems activity kicks off our wrap up activities – with the right note of celebration (without the craziness), excitement for next year, and appreciation for kindergarten.

Here’s what we do after making these handprint poems in the days following.

We focus on how far we’ve come and we read (affiliate) First Day Jitters. They can finally understand the twist ending by the end of kindergarten. {wink}

We tour first grade classrooms (while they’re away at a special) and head back to our classroom to write a letter to our new teacher – even if we don’t know who it is yet.

I attach their letter to the back of their student profile sheet so when we do our class sorts, the teacher can be familiar with their writing, work and get a warm note from their new student.

Plus, we usually enjoy a few end of the year celebrations.

End of the Year Celebration Ideas for Kindergarten and graduation alternatives

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