Free Printable Last Day of Kindergarten Memory Banner

Make end of the year memories together on the last day of kindergarten. Here is a free printable memory banner that can be a photo prop, coloring page or a last day of school art project.

Free Printable End of the Year Kindergarten Memory Banner

The end of the year is a busy time for teachers. Then comes the last day and we are filled with mixed emotions.

I try to ensure that I still have lots planned since there usually is a last-minute change in scheduling for us.

This is my go-to last day of school activity for my kindergartners since it can easily fill up any amount of time. I also really love it since if it doesn’t get done… then it is no big deal.

Let me show you how to make it as well as give you a few alternative ideas on how to use this memory banner in your classroom.

How to make a kindergarten memory banner

First, you’ll want to download the free memory banner. [terms of use] [downloading help]

Next, you’ll want to print the banners for your students. You can also print it onto 11×17 paper which makes this a very nice-sized project.

Students write their names at the bottom or on the back of their banners.

Then they trace the circles by pushing them hard onto the paper with crayons. (You could easily edit out this step if you need the project to move faster or are short on time.)

Kindergarten last day coloring page

Students use watercolors to paint each circle a different color.

This project is pretty straightforward. Now, let me explain the real beauty of this project.

I’ll note that normally we don’t finish painting the entire thing since I made lots of circles. But that was part of my plan. For real.

Let me explain…

Why I love this last day project

I love saving this for the last day of school.


After they are done painting, they get out our classroom stash of Clorox wipes and clean up everything!

It leaves the classroom really clean and in good shape for starting the summer off without my classroom looking like a bomb went off.

Later in the school day, after their paintings are done drying, I take a picture and email them home on the last day!

end of the year kindergarten memory banner {printable}

This project is also really flexible. Here are my thoughts:

If they don’t finish painting – it’s no big deal. It’s an easy time filler that allows them to have one last chance to be creative in the classroom.

The end of the day is extremely hard to plan for time-wise – there’s just so much that can change last minute. To have an extra activity that is very flexible, like this one, is ideal.

You could easily just have your students color this page too.

Or you could print it off on bright, colored paper and use it as a photo prop to take last day pictures. Add the year or date with a Sharpie marker and you’re set to go. {wink}

And lastly, if you wanted students to all sign the back of each other’s pages like a yearbook page – this page can totally work for that too.

If this project doesn’t fit your idea of a last day of school project… how about a cute handprint poem?

Kindergarten End of the Year Hand Print handprint poem

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