4 Clever Spinner Word Games for Kindergarten


Teaching reading skills through games now helps make up half of my guided reading group instruction time.

This is a big shift in the way I’ve structured my reading group instruction, but it gives me the opportunity to practice individual skills through focused word work, for example, and then tie them into practical application the next time we read leveled books.

Here is a small collection of manipulating phoneme games for kindergartners {and first graders} that I love.

One of my favorite new game formats is the “spin and change” game. I love the flexibility of how it practices varied skills and feel so much like a game. Since, I’ve had my eyes opened to lots more spinning games {I know… where have I been, right?} and I like using them for practicing phonics skills.

Here are four great spin and change games.

Spin and Change Phonics Games {Kindergarten}

KindergartenWorks :: 4 Easy to Use 'Spin and Change' Phonics Games

1. Ocean Spin and Change – The first is one that I included in our Ocean Math and Literacy Centers and Small Group Materials. It is designed to take cvc words and manipulate the phonemes in all positions.

I think that it is a great word work skill builder and have seen great blending and segmenting skills come along side when playing this game. It makes every child feel good for playing the “same” game as they see their peers playing even if they are practicing a different skill level.

There are mats for beginning sounds, ending and medial sounds plus a blank mat that you can include consonant blends, adding an e to the end and so fourth to reach higher readers.

KindergartenWorks :: 4 Easy to Use 'Spin and Change' Phonics Games

2. Cloudy With a Chance of Bits – The second word work game is one that I created as a trial run to experiment with my readers who could successfully read cvc words, but were having a harder time including consonant blends when blending out loud during our reading sessions.

This free download has lots of room for students to work out their words using a dry erase marker {if you laminate or slip it into a sheet protector} which is ideal for working out longer words.

Most of the words end up being nonsense words, but we giggle at each one making this fun practice. Sometimes students color the raindrops to track their points/number of cards completed.

KindergartenWorks :: Kindergarten Pirate Unit: Math and Literacy

3. Pirates Spin and Change – The third game comes from our Pirates Math and Literacy Centers and Small Group Materials. It is similar to the ocean-themed game above since it will practice the same set of skills, but with a new theme.

I think you’ll love that about our theme sets!

You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and students will already know what to do with the materials.

These pirate cards and word work mats practice changing sounds in the beginning, medial and ending positions of cvc words. But, you can use the blank mats to include consonant blends or even vowel patterns!

4. Lucky Spinner CVC Word Game – The fourth word work game takes us full circle as it brings us back to the inspiration for creating similar games with different themes and skills.

I like to pull out in February and March to use with groups that are working on a combination of skills or just need a tune-up before we do a Dibels benchmark.

Be sure to check each one out! Do you play spin and change games in your classroom too?

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