Free Linking Cube Measurement Activity for Kindergarten


Here is a measurement activity for kindergarten.

This free measuring activity uses a printable and some linking cubes – which I’m sure you probably already have on hand in your classroom.

Free 'Titch' Measurement Activity for Kindergarten

During the first week or two of school, I’d read the book (affiliate) Titch by Pat Hutchins. It’s a simple read aloud and I like to read it as part of a math lesson.

I’m a big fan of using manipulative games and activities in our practice zone. This way my kinders get enough practice and repetition to master each standard.

These free Titch measuring sheets I found online were a perfect extension of the read-aloud. They help introduce our math games and activities center (the practice zone) at the beginning of the school year.

How to make this activity

How to make an easy measurement activity for kindergarten to go along with the book 'Titch' by Pat Hutchins
Laminate 2-3 pages together to make less cleanup. Students fold banner workmat at creases.
  1. Print one set of these measuring workmats.
  2. Place 2-3 measuring workmats side by side (short edge to short edge) to create a banner set, or laminate each workmat separately.
  3. *Alternative: Place measuring workmats into plastic page protector sleeves.
  4. Cut out the workmat banner or cut separate workmats out of laminate.
  5. Add 10-12 linking cubes.
  6. Add a dry erase marker.
  7. Optional: Add the original read-aloud book to keep math and reading connected!

It really is as simple as putting the workmats together with manipulatives and a marker!

Number lines with ten frames for kindergarten

I normally would add a number line into the drawer that I organize the game in. The number line is there as a support for those still learning to write their numbers (which is usually everybody).

How to Use

Your kinders will connect linking cubes to make a tower in order to measure the length, height and width of the items pictured from the Titch book.

Tip! Draw an arrow above the words “long,” “wide” and “tall” to show which way students should measure… though no matter which way they try it – as least they are working on measurement!

They write the number of cubes in the small square at the bottom of each workmat. Then they erase their work when cleaning up.

Titch read-aloud based measuring activity sheets for kindergarten

Simple, yet good practice!

There you have a simple activity ready to go for the first or second week of school. I love that it can last for a few weeks as one choice activity in the practice zone!

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