Easy “Flashcard Flash” Game for Kindergarten

Simple is my style. So when you find a game or tool that is simple and can be used for many things – it’s a keeper in my book.

One of my favorite examples is a game called “flashcard flash.” It only takes 3 colored pieces of craft foam or construction paper and you’re set to go.

Flash Card Flash With Letter Names

I don’t normally like to use flashcards – but this simple activity is different.

Here’s how it works.

How to play “Flashcard Flash”

  1. Lay out a red, yellow and green piece of craft foam from the Dollar Tree. You can use one set for a partner version, or each child can play on his/her own set. You could also use red, yellow, and green construction paper cut to 4×6 or 5×7.
  2. Students flip through a pile of flashcards and identify what is on the card.
  3. If they get it correct right away the card is placed on the green mat. If they get it correct but it took a while (or maybe had to rely on a classroom chart for help) it goes on the yellow. If they didn’t know it or got it wrong it goes on the red.

Of course, this is kindergarten we’re talking about so often times they are very gracious to themselves when playing alone.

Playing in partners is humorous because they enjoy being the teacher.

The goal is to practice identifying the cards 1-3 times (depending upon the time you have) and learning how to find a solution if the answer is unknown.

Students can celebrate the cards on the green (count them as points if you will) and work through the yellow and red again.

Tips for using flashcards in kindergarten

1. Use sparingly

I’ve used this game mainly for letter identification, sight words, and for recognizing numbers in a ten frame and teen numbers.

That’s simply because I am very choosy about where I use flashcards – they have value in a few cases – but it is limited.

2. Provide “independent” support

Keep a resource nearby that they can use “independently.”

Here are some examples: 

Using the photo above, the students are singing the alphabet using a chart they are familiar with in order to find the letter to name it.

I say “independently” because even if you have to support them while using the resource (like if they could sing the alphabet but couldn’t touch 1:1 while singing), you are giving them the tools to be able to try it on their own later.

Flash Card Flash With Letter Names - KindergartenWorks

For sight words, we always had a sight word chant that they could rely on. And for the teen and ten frames – well, they could count if they needed support.

Flashcards work best when limited in number and are individualized.

So in the photo example above, each student would ask the partner about letters he/she needed and there was only ever a handful at a time.

3. Keep card sets organized

As a side note, different colored sets for each student in this group made it easy to keep track of which cards belonged to each kinder.

But – I wouldn’t use that organization strategy all the time!

Most often, I had students put their initials on the back of each card to mark it as theirs.

My favorite free flashcards

Here are my favorite flashcard sets that I’ve used.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it. An easy activity that has a game-feeling to it so that you have students use flashcards in an age-appropriate way in kindergarten.

I hope the simple game and tips for using flashcards in kindergarten are helpful to you.

Remember, you can use this with any sets of flashcards! Use subitizing cards, ten frame cards, letter cards – whatever your students are working on.

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