Top 11 Recommended Kindergarten Professional Development Books


Get the good recommendations for kindergarten professional development books to read over the summer from fellow Kindergarten teachers. Here is a list of the top books read by other K teachers that they recommend for topics on early literacy and classroom culture.

These fantastic recommendations came from our fantastic network of kindergarten teachers on facebook. Fellow teachers make us laugh, teach us new tricks and are amazing resources of knowledge.

Top 11 Recommended Kindergarten Professional Development Books: KindergartenWorks

Top Kindergarten Professional Development Books

We often find ourselves choosing our own PD books to read over the summer since we each identify areas we want to improve. It just goes to show that we’re never really “off for the summer.” While this may not apply every year, it can be invigorating and give you a mental boost that’ll last {{almost}} an entire school year.

While I personally haven’t read all of the books on this list, I’ll do my best to share why others recommended it. These are affiliate links so you can check them out!

1. I Am Reading – Stay grounded in teaching what matters to young readers and setting them up for success.

I’m loving it…it’s validation of high quality authentic early literacy is great!!! – Jill

2. Conscious Discipline – Transform social-emotional skills, school climate and the home/school connection.

It was a complete game-changer for my classroom management style and was incredibly eye-opening. – Colleen

3. Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4-14 – A must read if you’re changing grade levels and really don’t know what to expect. Connect with your students better so they can succeed.

Yardsticks is a great developmental book. It’s describes in detail the various areas of development the kids experience in school at their developmental level. I used it in my college class to my undergrads – it’s helpful. – Dave

4. The Literate Kindergarten: Where Wonder and Discovery Thrive – How to teach kindergarten in an age-appropriate way without sacrificing the joy and beauty of kindergarten. Does this sound a little like what I do here on KindergartenWorks… or what? {wink}

5. Teaching With Intention: Defininf Beliefs, Aligning Practice, Taking Action – Buck the scripted programs {{heck yes}} by teaching yourself how to think and make the most out of every new school year. If you ever wanted proof to show your principal that it’s okay to stray from the scripted curriculum, this is the book to pick up and show them!

6. Kindergarten and the Common Core: It’s as Easy as ABC – If you’re getting your feet wet with the Common Core then this set of organizers, checklists and lessons might just be what you were looking for.

7. The 7 Habits of Happy Kids – Because teaching kinders how to be successful matters. You’ll love using this with your own children too.

8. The Read Aloud Handbook – THE way to use read alouds to build up young readers to love reading for life.

I like the encouragement he gives to parents for reading aloud to children of all ages. He tells how important reading aloud is to success in learning to read . He gives great reading lists by age groups. – Pam

9. Sharing the Blue Crayon: How to Integrate Social, Emotional and Literacy Learning – Simple ways to intertwine the all important skills kinders need… that in turn help make the classroom run smoother.

10. Growing Readers: Units of Study in the Primary Classroom – How to plan independent reading workshops. So ideal to use with accelerated readers, gifted and talented students too!

11. Catching Readers Before They Fall: Supporting Readers Who Struggle – Learn how to work with struggling readers in any context.

There you have the list of the 11 top recommended books by other kindergarten teachers. I hope that you can find something to help propel you forward next year. Growing yourself a little each year makes you a better teacher and a better you!

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This article contains affiliate links. No one asked or paid me to share these opinions or books. I just want to be real with you and let you know. {wink}


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  1. Great list! I have five new titles to add to my Amazon wish list! The Literate Kindergarten changed my whole way of thinking. Through CCIRA, I was able to observe for half the day in Sue Kempton’s classroom! It was amazing! Her new book, Let’s Find Out, is awesome too! I would also add a Katie Wood Ray book also, either Already Ready or In Pictures and in Words.

  2. Great minds must think alike. I just wrote a similar post about what I am reading. I just uploaded Sharing the Blue Crayon on my Kindle. Hoping to read that while on vacation. Who says teachers take the summer off?!

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