Why You Should Use Dropbox: A Teacher’s Perspective


I wanted to lay down some of my favorite tool recommendations for teachers. My recommendations for things I use on a regular basis for work as a teacher and as a blogger that you can have access to as well.

Let’s start with my most favorite digital life organization tool. This one tops my list as my highest recommendation for both teachers and teacher bloggers!

Introducing Dropbox

What’s not to love about having a folder on every computer I use, including my home and school computer, that has all of my files just a click away? (Affiliate) Dropbox works just like your “My Documents” folder, only it’s available from anywhere you choose to access it from. Here’s my favorite example you might connect with…

The download you found at 11 pm and put in your dropbox folder will appear on your school computer ready the next morning!

KindergartenWorks: Dropbox from a teacher's perspective

No more carrying around or worrying about a jump drive. Life simplified. Everything is backed up for you automatically. {hallelujah} My other favorite feature is being able to share documents, like pdfs with my favorite teacher down the hall, parents or you, my dear reader. {wink}

All it takes is signing up for a free account and then installing the folder onto every computer you use frequently. I’d start with your classroom teacher computer and your home one. I loved the free version so much that I keep all of my files for blogging, teacher products and even classroom stuff in it. I purchased the yearly upgrade so I never have to think about space. To me it was totally worth it.

Get started using dropbox and then check out the rest of the tools and fonts I recommend in my teacher toolbox.KindergartenWorks: Leslie Recommends Dropbox


I also use Google Drive because it’s available for storing things sent just by administration since we use gmail as our email provider. For me, Dropbox takes the cake over Google Drive any day. Totally just my opinion.

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More Favorite Things

This article contains affiliate links. No one asked or paid me to share this opinion. I just want to be real with you and let you know. {wink}


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