Top 10 Favorite Harry Kindergarten Videos


Want to find kindergarten-friendly learning videos that are a hit with your class of five and six-year-olds? Then you’ve got to check out this list of teacher-recommended videos that are all made by Harry Kindergarten.

Teacher Recommended Favorite Harry Kindergarten Videos for Kindergarten

The video creator “Harry Kindergarten” is pretty well known in the land of kindergarten teachers because he often uses a hip-hop style of music to connect standards-based content.

The pacing of most of his videos is just right for kindergarten viewers and keeps them learning and engaged.

Of course, there are many more videos that are great too – but this list is just my top 10 favorite math and literacy videos (plus a few bonus ones).

Use these videos during transitions, when you have a random 3-5 minutes to spare or to help round out your lesson plans and reach different types of learners. These are also great videos to add to your computer stations or centers.


I think that Harry Kindergarten is best known for his math videos.

There are some tricky standards we cover in kindergarten (like decomposing teen numbers) – and having a catchy video can make covering the tough topics easier.

Here are my classes’ favorite math videos:

When You Subtract With a Pirate

This subtraction-story video helps reinforce the concept that “you always get less” when subtracting. Thes pirate theme makes it a hit with both boys and girls.

This video walks students through six different subtraction scenarios with equations.

Add ‘Em Up

Go through an interactive question-and-answer video using ten frames and counters. This video focuses on adding one to ten and shows the equations too.

It goes through the content twice – the kids should join in on the second time through.

Numbers in the Teens

This video teaches what the teen numbers look like – and it is one of the most catchy videos on this list. It’s a great reinforcer to review how to make numbers 11-19.

If you use this video, just be sure that you’re also teaching why teens have a one.

If your class catches onto this video quickly, then you’ll also like Numbers in the Twenties (They Start With a 2)

3D Shapes that I Know

When it comes to learning 3D shapes, seeing real-world objects is helpful. This video lists out good examples of 3D shapes to a super-catchy tune that all kinders will be clapping and grooving along to.

And if your class is working on 3D shapes then you may also want to use this interactive 3D shape hunt video: Secret Agent Shapes.

Now, these next two are newer videos that I haven’t personally tested in the classroom but I think the standard covered is great and would definitely add to my lesson plans.

I Like to Make 5

Some students just need repetition when it comes to learn skills like building fluency within 5. This super-quick video uses a five-frame and colors to reinforce how equations work when making 5.

How Many More to Make Ten?

While not super-catchy, this video is a good interactive question-and-answer video.

It can be tricky to teach students how to see or find the missing addend.

This video uses a ten frame to go through all of the combinations 0-10 and gives students time to think, picture, and answer.


Now, let’s jump into literacy-related videos. These videos can help students with reading skills starting at the alphabet, to sounding out words and recognizing sight words.

These videos are designed to be interactive – or at least a call and response – to help kinders stay engaged while watching.

I Know My ABCs!

This rap-feeling video will practice naming letters and introduce beginning letter sounds. It will quickly introduce using letter sounds to make CVC words before giving students the chance to call out both the lowercase and uppercase letter names.

This video is almost 6 minutes long, so be sure you have a good chunk of time to commit unless you just want to watch the first 2:04 minutes as an alphabet review.

Do They Rhyme?

This interactive video has students show if word pairs rhyme by giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down. It will run through 26 examples in just under 3 minutes – which is why I like it.

It’s meant to help students hear oral rhyming words and if your students like it, they may also want to play the next rhyming game video too: Do They Rhyme [Version 2].

The Sight Word Song

This video is a simple concept – students listen and watch lowercase sight words spelled out on the screen and they get the chance to call out the correct word.

The words in this video are: like, play, home, this, is, it, in, we, can, see, are, and, the, you, am, my, come, here, mom, dad.

If your kids get into this type of learning, you may want to consider using the Sight Word Song [Version 2] video too.

CVC Word Song

This three-letter-words song video will quickly run through blending letter sounds to make CVC words before giving students the chance to call out the completed word.

It moves pretty quickly through 21 words so the focus is on building CVC fluency.

And if you’re kinders need more practice you could add The CVC Word Song [Version 2] video to your lesson plans too.

Other videos worth mentioning

These videos center aren’t math or literacy-related but they get kids up and moving. Your students will listen to the directions and act out or move to match what they hear.

While there are multiple verions that focus mostly on holiday-related content, they can be useful as brain-breaks!

So here is a list of the “If you’re a kid…” videos for your classroom.

If You’re a Kid… Dance Around [Original]

Students listen and follow directions like clap hands, stomp feet, and jumprope.

Animal Remix

Students listen and follow directions like stomp like an elephant, meow like a cat, waddle like a penguin.

And here are additional versions that your class may enjoy throughout the year.

Halloween Remix

This video is included in my 15 Kindergarten Videos for Halloween collection.

Students listen to the directions and move to match the description with a free-dance break in between each set of directions.

Christmas Remix

This video is included in my 13 Christmas Videos for Kindergarten.

Your boys and girls will like following the directions to this Harry Kindergarten Christmas video. Kids pretend to do Christmas traditions like wrapping presents, throwing snowballs and then they dance!

Valentine’s Day Remix

Students listen and name things they love like a book, friend, color, toys, etc.

The main difference between this video and the others in this instead of a dance break – there is a hug break in between each set of directions.

Earth Day Remix

This video is included in my 12 Kindergarten Videos for Earth Day collection.

Students create a movement to match each thing kids can do to conserve energy.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – favorite Harry Kindergarten videos that I loved using in my kindergarten classrooms – and many that my students loved too.

I hope that these learning videos are helpful as you teach.

If you’re looking for videos on a specific topic then here are more handpicked videos you may like for your classroom:

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