13 Quick Christmas Videos for Kindergarten


Are you planning for Christmas in your classroom? Here is a collection of favorite Christmas videos for kindergarten.

13 Quick Christmas Videos for Kindergarten - perfect

These are YouTube videos that aren’t too long and can hold the attention span of a five and six year old. I’ve found audio books, brain breaks and how to say Merry Christmas in different languages you’ll want to show your class.

Christmas-themed stories

If you have a favorite read-aloud – search for it on YouTube! It’s a fun and different way to present the book to your kinders. Affiliate links are included for the books.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

The classic bear book to read at Christmas time – Bear Stays Up for Christmas. Bear’s forest friends try to help him stay awake for Christmas by doing lots of holiday traditions.

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Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

While Pete the Cat Saves Christmas isn’t my favorite Pete the Cat book – the message of giving your all at Christmas is a solid one.

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A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

This sweet rhyming story – A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree – is about a pine tree that wants to be someone’s Christmas tree. Little forest creatures thank the tree for what he gives by decorating him as their Christmas tree.

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Snowmen at Christmas

How do snowmen celebrate Christmas? This book (with Christmas music in the background) moves slowly but is a good read aloud version of the book Snowmen at Christmas.

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

I love these old school “turn the page” books. This is a great version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I’d prefer this video over reading the book aloud myself. It’s a good example of why I love Christmas videos for kindergarten.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

What’s a Christmas without a Charlie Brown tree? This video is longer (just over 10 mins) and you may have to use your judgment on reading this one in a public school setting  – but it’s about how Charlie rediscovers the true meaning of Christmas.

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I love the illustrations and message of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This is definitely a longer video (just over 12 mins) but it’s shorter than the animated movie.

This is a book that I’d rather let someone else read – plus there is music added in the background which is a nice touch. And, if you do a Grinch day – it’s a must!

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Christmas songs

To the tune of BINGO – learn to spell Santa! A quick little song with elves and the man in the red suit. This also makes a cute song to sing for parents – just add a few cute motions for the description of Santa.

The winter version of Five Little Monkeys – this Five Little Reindeer fingerplay is quick and easy to learn. No more reindeer standing in the snow!

Brain breaks – Get up & move

Your boys and girls will like following the directions to this Harry Kindergarten Christmas video. Kids pretend to do Christmas traditions like wrapping presents, throwing snowballs and then they dance!

Need a super-fast directed movement break? This reindeer version of the hokey pokey is under two minutes.

It might just be the perfect transition to reward those who get their winter gear put away fast when your kindergartners come in from recess.

You might be surprised how many kids already know this one! This step by step Christmas dance video is another quick movement brain break. It’s under 2 minutes and it just for fun.

Teaching about Christmas

Teach how to say Merry Christmas in 6 languages. An iconic landmark appears so you know what part of the world Santa is flying over. It’s fun to learn other languages especially if you teach how other countries celebrate Christmas.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – my list of Christmas videos for kindergarten – brain breaks, fingerplays, read-aloud,s and stories ready to go.

I hope this list can come in handy since it has been teacher pre-screened for you!

Tip! Show a video to your class without any hesitation with viewpure.com. It removes ads, comments and videos that pop up as suggestions afterwards.

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13 Quick Christmas Videos for Kindergarten

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