Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kindergartners


Whenever we create gifts for parents for holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day we like to wrap our presents. This year we are wrapping our holiday calendars them using this cute reindeer brown paper bag design. This is a cute picture tutorial from an idea that I got online.

Students to use lunch sized brown bags and construction paper to make an adorable reindeer!

Christmas gift wrap - How to Wrap Chistmas presents in kindergarten

This is my favorite way to wrap Christmas gifts for parents from my kindergartners. The final product is adorable and fits most gifts we’ve made over the years.

If your parent gift can fit into a brown lunch sack, this will work for you too. I hope this easy Christmas gift wrap reindeer craft can work for you too.

Easy Gift Wrap – Reindeer Style

You’ll need the following items:

  • Lunch-size Brown Paper Sacks {Bags}
  • 2 Large Brown Construction Paper Squares per Child
  • 2 Small White Construction Paper Rectangles per Child
  • 2 Small Black Construction Paper Squares per Child
  • 1  Small Red Construction Paper Squares per Child
  • Stapler

How to wrap parent Christmas gifts - kindergarten

Gift Wrap Tutorial

Here are the steps on how to wrap a kindergarten gift the easiest way!

1. Trace 2 hands onto brown construction paper. Cut out {yep, slightly tricky for kinders} but turns out adorable.

2. Cut out 2 large white eye ovals, two small black pupils and 1 red nose all from construction paper.

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kindergarten - make face with construction paper

3. Glue the eyes and nose onto the bag and slip in the child’s gift.

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kindergarten - bend and fold paper bag

4. Fold the top and then the corners down.

5. Staple closed when you staple the two hand prints to be the antlers.

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kindergarten

That’s it!

Your students can add their name onto the back of the antlers so you know which bag belongs to who – but it’s a craft and gift wrap all in one!

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kindergarten - trace hands for antlers

Do you have any other simple wrapping solutions?

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How to Wrap Chistmas presents in kindergarten - easy christmas gift wrap

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