Free Letter Name Game for Kindergarten: Treasure Quest


Work on naming letters with a simple alphabet game for kindergarten. Print this free pirate-themed treasure quest card game to practice naming the letters of the alphabet.

Free Letter Name Game for Kindergarten

Since I like to play games in my small groups during guided reading time, this one is definitely in the rotation when it comes to working on recognizing letters.

Let’s take a look at how to play and how to make it so you can grab the free download to use it in your classroom too.

How to play

Here’s how to play Treasure Quest – the letter name game.

Place all of your letter cards and special cards into a shuffled draw pile – face down.

Students take turns drawing a card.

If it’s a lowercase or uppercase letter, the student names the letter out loud.

Alphabet Treasure Quest Boom Card Game for Kindergarten

Students keep the letter cards in a pile in front of them. And the play continues with the next player. Think of these cards as their treasure and their points.

Play continues until all the cards are drawn. The player with the most cards, aka treasure points, wins!

If students need support, I recommend having an alphabet chart nearby so that they can sing the ABC song to find the match and name it out loud correctly.

Special cards

If students draw one of the special cards, here’s how those make it extra fun:

  • If they draw the pirate sword, they lose their turn. No card is kept as points.
  • If they draw the treasure map, then that player gets to take one card from one other player. This means they get two cards to add to their pile – the treasure map card and the extra one they took.
  • If they draw the treasure chest, then that player gets to take all of the cards from all of the other players.

How to make it

Here’s how to make this game.

First, download a set of cards. [terms of use] [downloading help]

Print the cards onto construction paper or colored paper and laminate. Then cut the cards apart.

You can easily store this game in a small sandwich-sized Ziploc bag.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – a free pirate-themed treasure quest game to practice naming the letters of the alphabet.

I hope that it’s quick to teach and fun for your students to work on their letters.

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing ideas and materials you share! Kindergarten is a wonderful place that kids should be able to play and grow, and you help us be able to do that.

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