Sunlight Sight Word Catchers – Pokey Pin Activities


Make a year-long pokey pinning literacy center with easy to use sight word templates for kindergarten. Grab these Sunlight Sight Word Catchers to make pokey pin pictures in your kindergarten classroom.

Your kinders will love them and you’ll love what they get out of it.

Sunlight Sight Word Catchers - Pokey Pin Activities

This pokey pin activity is the literacy center many of you have been asking for. I’ve put together the printable pieces from my pokey pinning center for you!

It’s the complete package that I used to set it up, keep this literacy center stocked and running smoothly for an entire school year.

Pokey Pin Activities

Students poke through the template onto a piece of construction paper (with a pushpin) stapled behind to create stunning sunlight catchers. They pokey pin sight words and pokey pin pictures.

They look awesome hung in a window in your classroom!

Sunlight Sight Word Catchers - Pokey Pin Activities

Get the Pokey Pinning Center

These easy reader pokey pin templates grow with your kinders:

  • Start with just a simple sight word and a picture.
  • Grow to a pokey pin sight word phrase with a picture.
  • Keep growing with sight word sentences and a picture.

An added benefit is the fine motor development that comes from doing pokey pin activities. You’ve gotta love that.

Pokey Pin Templates

I’ve included 40 printable pokey pin templates. Which was enough for us to use one each week – and lasted an entire school year.

Sunlight Sight Word Catchers - Pokey Pin Activities

Now, if you don’t love the sight words I picked – no biggie. You can totally tweak the editable pages to put in your own sight words.

Rules for Pokey Pins

A little worried about using pushpins {aka pokey pins} in your classroom – and letting five and six year olds use them independently?

Well, honestly it’s a judgment call for each teacher to decide for themselves. I personally only ever had one child who lost the privilege and they quickly tried to earn it back. They didn’t want to miss out.

My rules or expectations for pokey pins were simple: These are a classroom tool. Use it only as a tool. Poke the paper on the carpet and poke nothing else.

Sunlight Sight Word Catchers - Pokey Pin Activities

To make it easy on you to set everything up, I include my center directions poster and workboard icon just like I do with each of my literacy centers!

If you need picture directions for your kiddos – don’t worry – that’s included too. I’ve got your back.

Free Pokey Pin Activities

I’ve already got your very first pokey pin activity ready for you! It’s free too and you can grab it on this website. Have your students pokey pin their own names to get your pokey pin center started.

It’s the perfect opportunity to teach how to use pokey pins, the rules of where your kinders can pokey pin (as in – the carpet) and you can totally pull it off whole group.

Sunlight Sight Word Catchers - Free Bonus Pokey Pin Activities

Plus I’m excited to send you 3 bonus free pokey pin activities sheets when you register your product. That way you get even more pokey pinning done for you! Details are inside your instant download purchase.

Pokey Pinning Sunlight Sight Word Catchers for Kindergarten

Get the Pokey Pinning Center

What Teachers Are Saying

If you’re a little nervous about trusting kids with the pins, try it out! They want to be able to participate so they don’t want to jeopardize that by using them incorrectly. – Megan

I used these this week with my students and used the editable templates to make four versions with the same picture. That way each level of my students could participate. So much fun and you could have heard a pin drop in my classroom – they were so engaged! – Gluesticks N Giggles

My kiddos LOVE this activity! Each time they are simply amazed when they hold it up to the light! Thank you! – Shelby T.

Get the Pokey Pinning Center

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Kindergarten Sight Word Sunlight Catchers - Pokey Pin Activities

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