21 No David Activities and Quick Freebies


No David by David Shannon is a classic book to read in kindergarten (and first grade honestly).

Here are free No David activities, videos and book ideas listed all in one place so you don’t have to go digging to look for them.

21 No David Activities and Quick Freebies for Kindergarten and First Grade

I’ll include more ideas for other No David books too.

Be sure to click on the name of each No David freebie to see where it came from and to download it.

Freebies for No David

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - No David masks

You might just need a set of No David masks to complete a project or bulletin board but this is a pretty good replica. It might be the perfect way to make your anchor chart uber cute.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - free labeling worksheet

Label all of the parts of David with this fill-in or cut and paste labeling worksheet.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - free class book template for kindergarten
source: fisforfirstgrade.blogspot.com

A template to make a “No David!” class book for the beginning of the school year. This is perfect for kindergarten since they only have to draw and practice writing their name!

Or let your students put themselves into the story and make their own “No [their name]” worksheet. You could combine these as a class book too and add an ending page that says, “Yes Mrs. X’s class. Let’s get learning.” Take a class photo as the illustration.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - free thumbprint school pledge and activities

A great thumbprint pledge with more No David activities for after you set the classroom rules together in kindergarten.

Or if you teach first grade, have them fill out this pledge to review your classroom expectations.

No David activities

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - how to draw No David
source: litalitateacher.com

I love the idea of making David one of the first directed drawings for the school year. It may be tricky, but then again most things are at the beginning of kindergarten. Am I right?

How to draw No David

  1. Start with the large circle head.
  2. Draw two lines down for the neck.
  3. Draw a rainbow that starts at the bottom of the page, touches the base of the neck lines down and continues back down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Add facial details – hair, eyes, triangle nose, backwards c ears and a mouth. Describe what types of lines and shapes as you describe each detail.
  5. Add arms and horizontal lines on David’s shirt. I’d recommend making the arms go off the page to skip making hands at the beginning of k. {I’m just sayin’}

Here is an alternative set of how to draw No David instructions.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - No David free lunch sack puppet

Retell any of the No David books with a paper bag puppet. David’s mouth is at the flap of the lunch sack so he can talk. What would David say in response to his mother or teacher?

If you’d rather make a craft of David’s face, then this No David blackline master is what you’re looking for.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - teach how to infer first grade
source: mrshinersheadlines.blogspot.com

The beauty of teaching this book is not only the captivating character, vivid colors or story – but that we can dig deeper. Teach how to infer in first grade and use these sentence starters for discussion.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - making inferences
source: firstgradewow.blogspot.com

Have them add making inferences in their own journals with this free printable for first graders. You could easily use this for character traits too.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - make emotion masks
source: mrsrootteaches.blogspot.com

Make emotion masks using a template of his head, ears and nose. Let students add the details (and popsicle sticks) to complete the masks.

David Goes to School activities

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - shape craft of No David
source: mrsleeskinderkids.blogspot.com

Approach your classroom management as choosing to be peacemakers or peacebreakers. List your expectations and draw from what David does in the stories.

After reading the books, students can make a cut and paste David and decide to be peacemakers with these conflict resolution steps.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - teaching stamina with daily 5
source: responsiveliteracy.blogspot.com

Introduce the three ways to read a book when getting students started with the Daily 5. Take pictures of students reading or use images from the book to make an anchor chart.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - what makes a good student anchor chart
source: aviewfromadifferentangle.blogspot.com

Make a “What Makes a Good Student” chart for the first week of school. It’s a great way to hold students accountable if the things listed become your class expectations.

No David Activities and Quick Freebies - t-chart for what to do in school
source: mrfirstgrade.blogspot.com

Another simplified version of the expectations behavior chart is to rock a T-chart with both No and Yes as headers. You can do a behavior sort version too.


Here are video previews for each read-aloud book that I think is a good classroom fit. (And just a heads up that these are affiliate links)

This is also the same order I’d introduce these books to my kinders.

No, David!

Get the book >>

David Gets in Trouble

Get the book >>

David Goes to School

Get the book >>

It’s Christmas, David!

Get the book >>

Meet the author

Meet the author David Shannon in this quick video interview and hear how long it takes him to write a book! Find out who is hiding in each of his books.

Let’s wrap it up

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