12 Free Dr. Seuss Activities for Kindergarten


Enjoy some reading fun with these activities to go along with Dr. Seuss books. Whether you’re doing an author study, celebrating Read Across America or Dr. Seuss’ birthday these ideas are classroom-tested and teacher-approved.

Let’s look at some Dr. Seuss free printables for kindergarten, hands-on science activities and a couple of art projects to round out this collection of ideas.

Free Seuss printables

These printables are from various teachers so you’ll need to follow the links in order to download them.

Free There's a Wocket in My Pocket Dr. Seuss-Inspired Class Book

Create a fun class book that rhymes! Use this “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” Seuss-inspired class book template to get started. Take photos of your students in silly locations around the classroom to make it complete.

Use a We Love You Dr. Seuss mini-reader to send home with students after you’ve read a bunch of Seuss books. It features a page for each of five books.

It’s not a leveled emergent reader, but it can still work for beginning readers. Have them highlight the sight words on each page.

Class Book for Kindergarten Tasting of Green Eggs and Ham

Do you have your kinders taste green eggs and ham? Use this printable book and class chart idea to extend the book Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

source: joyfullearninginkc.blogspot.com

Make some word family reference charts after all the books you read from Dr. Seuss. I love that this teacher includes printables to make the anchor charts.

And if you’re in need of some color-the-rhyme worksheets, this teacher has you covered.

If you read this site at all, then you know I loathe worksheets – but it’ll work in a pinch for a substitute teacher.

Hands-on science activities

Now let’s look at some fun, hands-on science activities that connect with Dr. Seuss books.

source: littlebinsforlittlehands.com

Create a hat-stacking challenge for your kinders to see how can they stack the cups which makes a red and white pattern like the Cat in the Hat’s hat. Don’t give away the solution too fast!

After reading The Butter Battle Book, shake up your own butter. Learn how a liquid can become solid by shaking up heavy cream in a jar.

Here is a great full tutorial for making butter with an entire class and use these step-by-step pictures (using marbles) so you know what to expect.

Tip! 1/4 cup of cream will make about 1 Tbsp of butter

Art projects

It’s time to bust out the art supplies. Here are some easy Seuss-inspired art activities for kindergarten.

I love the idea of using straws to make a Thing 1 or 2 blow-paint activity. Simply drop some watered-down washable paint on the paper near the hairline and blow through a straw towards the outer edges of the paper.

No special tools are needed – just paper, paint, water and straws. If you like my little starter-character pictured above, you can download it here.

Tip! Teach students to dip their straw in the paint then cover the top of the straw with their finger to create suction (which holds the paint in the straw, like a pipette) and then remove their finger once they are ready to drop their paint onto their paper.

Use red, blue, and white paint or bingo daubers to paint-by-shape. This is a good following directions activity. If you choose to paint, you can use a foam stencil brush (from the dollar tree) or a regular fat paintbrush stamped gently.

source: theimaginationnook.blogspot.com

Every student will want to make a Thing 1 or Thing 2 headband. Grab the free button and use red and blue construction paper to finish it off. Students roll their blue construction paper tightly around a pencil to help create the crazy hair.

source: foreverin1st.blogspot.com

Teach how to draw Cat in the Hat, one of Dr. Seuss’ most famous characters with this guided drawing tutorial. Here are some ideas on what to add to make a writing piece to go along with it to make a bulletin board display.

Let’s wrap it up

Here are two more bonus things that are fun ideas for Dr. Seuss week.

Dress up to go along with your theme, sporting one of these affordable, cute teacher tees.

Make a list of your favorite Seuss books and then do a matching activity each day. Try out these 5 fun ideas for each day of Dr. Seuss week.

I hope this list of free Dr. Seuss kindergarten activities is helpful as you enjoy reading Seuss’ books with your class.

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green eggs and ham class book activity

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