Green Eggs and Ham Class Book Activity


Celebrate Dr. Seuss books and the fun of reading with this activity for kindergarten. Create a class book that records whether or not students like green eggs and ham.

This activity for kindergarten is just one of twelve Dr. Seuss activities for kindergarten that I recommend.

green eggs and ham class book

Do you like to have your class taste green eggs and green ham?

Then you’ll love using this free class book template as a follow-up activity.

Let me share how to set up a green-eggs-and-ham tasting and how to finish off with the book template where everyone contributes a page.

How to Set Up a Green Eggs and Ham Tasting

Do you want your class to taste green eggs and ham? Then you’ll want to have these basics covered.

Prep Work

  • Get plastic forks and paper plates. The Dollar Tree has green paper plates in their party section if you want to keep it themed. The tiny appetizer forks they have near the wedding stuff are just plain fun for kindergarten hands.
  • Pre-cut the ham. Go for small slices or bites. You’ll want to offer each child just a few, small pieces. Here’s a good green eggs and ham recipe to use.
  • Go for scrambled eggs. They are easier to make in bulk, color and serve. But here’s a video on how to make green eggs just like the book.
  • If you “make” the food together (aka heat it up in front of the kids and let them help add food coloring) they may be more willing to taste it because they are involved.
  • Let parent volunteers make the food for you.

Read the Book Ahead of Time

While celebrating Dr. Seuss in March, read the book, (affiliate) “Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?” to your class.

Here’s a preview of the book in case you haven’t read it.

Reading the book before the tasting is a must.

Let Them Eat

Ready with Anticipation

Here’s what I did to hook my students with anticipation because I surprised them with a green eggs and ham tasting.

I pretended that Sam-I-Am zipped through our classroom and dropped off some green eggs and ham while my students were in specials.

I was all dramatic about it when I picked them up from gym. They loved that.

Honestly — it was planned that way pretty much because I needed time to go get my slow cooker from the staff lounge and heat up the scrambled eggs in the microwave.

Pass Out Food

You can already have plates waiting or pass out food as you see fit. Be sure to include paper towels or a napkin (in case someone needs to spit out their food) and forks.

Let them smell and taste.

Quote your own version of the book while you are passing out plates, like, “Would you? Could you in your chairs? In the hallway? Up the stairs?”

Take Photos

Parents will want to see pictures – so snap some!

Plus, you’ll want to get photos of their responses while they’re eating green eggs and ham and living out this classic book. A smile? A frown? What did they think?

Follow Up Activities

Green Eggs and Ham Graph

If you want to do a class graph, then pass out a little egg card and have your students color the center green and add their name to the egg.

Write a title and heading to your graph once you’ve gathered everyone on the carpet. I like this green eggs and ham graph by Mrs. Ricca

Green Eggs and Ham Graph from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten

and it’s a quick way to bring everyone together afterward.

Green Eggs and Ham Class Book

Create a class book following the tasting so that everyone can remember this special day and you can add a book that everyone can read in your classroom library.

Class Book for Kindergarten Tasting of Green Eggs and Ham

You know those faces you captured on camera after tasting their green food?

Green Eggs and Ham response sheet

Those are about to become the illustrations for this Green Eggs and Ham activity and it will make a picture perfect class book.

But, of course, your students could draw a picture on their page too.

Green Eggs and Ham Class Book cover

Here’s How You Make It

  1. Print a front cover.
  2. Print one page per student.
  3. Print your student photos in wallet size (or print them as 3.5″ x 5″ and trim a bit from the tops and bottoms).
  4. Let students glue in their photo of them enjoying their green eggs and ham (or not) in the open space.
  5. Students write their names in the outlined rectangles. They write “do” or “do not” in the shaded rectangles to complete their page.
  6. Compile all of the pages together to make your class book.
  7. Read the book to your class and let them re-read it in your classroom library.
Green Eggs and Ham taste testing worksheet

Click to Download: Green Eggs and Ham Class Book

You could also do these easy treats as a fun follow up.

What a fun way to celebrate reading in March, Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America.

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Dr. Seuss 'There's a Wocket' in My Pocket class book template

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class book for eating green eggs and ham

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