Free Valentine’s Day Card Collection Book: What to Do at a Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Party


This Valentine’s Day card collection keepsake book is a free printable that will allow your students to collect their Valentine cards all in one place.

I wanted to make sure if you hadn’t already gotten your hands on a copy that you could with plenty of time to make copies before Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Card Collection Keepsake Booklet {Printable}

This is such a cute and fun way to get geared up for Valentine’s Day and make your Valentine card exchange go over smoothly.

You can use it easily as a kindergarten Valentine’s activity – or for first and even second grade too.

Valentine Card Collection Keepsake Book {Printable} KindergartenWorks

I like to give out a class list the day or two before and my kinders prepare their books. As they work, they usually enjoy talking about their cards they are going to give.

It makes for great morning work.

Cute way to collect Valentine cards

My kinders prepare their books before Valentines Day by completing the front cover, title page and maybe a little coloring on the front cover.

They are in charge of writing the 24 names of their classmates into their booklets before Valentine’s Day arrives.

Valentine Card Collection Keepsake Book {Printable} Students

They love crossing names off their printed list as they make progress and it gets them prepared for what passing out cards will look like.

Print off enough blank pages to match the number of students in your classroom.

Students write in the teacher’s name instead of their own in the booklet.

Valentine Card Collection Keepsake Book {Printable} Filling Out Names KindergartenWorks

Simple and Valentines-y. It’s reading, so there is still literacy involved {right!?}

Then we spend our actual “party” time enjoying each other’s company as we give each other gifts, saying thank you and trying to see what parts of cards we can read.

How to have a smooth Valentine's day party in kindergarten

What I found was that kinders spent a lot of time “reading” their individual cards, thanking each other and it was less about the *candy* or tattoos because they weren’t sure how to glue that into their books! {Unintended score!}

A fellow teacher who found this here said —

I’ve done this for years… it’s always a hit and you’re right, they do spend more time looking at each card, saying “Thank you!”

I personally love how it turned the focus of our party into celebrating each other.

Valentine Card Collection Keepsake Book {Printable} :: KindergartenWorks

And just so you know – what did we do if someone didn’t bring cards to pass out?

They can still participate by going around and “signing” their name on people’s books on their page.

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We play it very low key in our classroom. For most of my kinders, this is their first Valentine’s Day party.

They don’t have any expectations other than what I set, so we make it about the exchange of cards, reading them, and collecting them. If we add in a healthy Valentine’s Day snack, then this party definitely fills up any party time I have scheduled and then some.

Want to see what I like to give out playdough as my teacher Valentine’s Day gift to my students? Then check out these printable playdough Valentines.

Valentine's Day Playdough Gift Toppers

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  1. We used your adorable valentine scrapbooks with my Kindergarten class and they came out SUPER cute!! Thanks for sharing! You have an amazing blog 🙂


  2. I have always felt guilty about throwing away the cards my first graders give me. You have saved the day in a wonderful way! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I grabbed this this summer. I’m looking forward to the kids reactions! Thanks for a great product yet again!

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