Free Valentine’s Day Playdough Gift Toppers


When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom – I like to play it easy. That’s because I like to keep it simple and work smart.

Here’s what I like to give my students for Valentine’s Day gifts in kindergarten. If you like it, you can download the toppers and use them too.

Teacher Valentine's Day Playdough Gift Toppers

I like to give each student their own mini tub of playdough for Valentine’s Day.

Being five and six, we are huge fans of playdough in our classroom. They enjoy playing with it once they’ve opened up all of their cards during our classroom Valentine’s Day Party and we have a few minutes before lunch.

Valentine gift idea for teachers to give to students in kindergarten

You can snag small tubs of playdough from the Dollar Tree, make your own homemade playdough in tiny tupperwares (also from the Dollar Tree) or you can (affiliate) purchase a class set of playdough tubs.

Valentine gift idea - Doh you want to be my Valentine

One year we had an hour long lock down in our building. I happened to have this stash of playdough within arms reach and it was a sanity saver and kept my kinders quiet.

Valentine gift idea for teachers - Doh gift bag toppers for free

Here are some free Valentine dough printables to make the toppers to your Valentine gift and the closure to any goodie bag you use.

How to use

Easily put together a cute Valentine’s day gift for your class with these free printable playdough gift bag toppers.

Here’s how to make your own class set.

  1. Download these free playdough gift toppers. [terms of use] [downloading help]
  2. Print off one for each student.
  3. Put one tub of Play-Doh into each gift bag (or loot bag) and fold the top down.
  4. Fold your topper in half and staple each one onto the gift bags to close them up.
  5. Optional: Add your students’ names to each bag.
Playdough makes a great Valentine's Day gift to give to students

There you have it – how to make a playdough gift for your classroom!

If you’d rather give edible treats (or are just looking for a classroom snack for your classroom Valentine’s Day party) then you should definitely check out How to Make Cupcake Crunch for a Valentine’s Classroom Snack. This comes with a set of free printable toppers too.

So, what do my students do while opening their Valentine’s cards? They use their own Valentine Card collection book and read, appreciate and file away their gifts from each other. It’s a super-sweet activity that focuses on appreciation. You’ll love it!

Valentine's Day Card Collection Book

What is something you like to do on Valentine’s Day with your kinders?

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