Easy 100th Day of School Certificates


Let’s get ready for the 100th day of school! Celebrate with free 100th day of school certificates that you can download and print for free below.

100th day certificates

It’s amazing how much our kinders can grow in 100 days of school.

They come to us often knowing:

  • the name of a single letter
  • recognizing a letter or two in their name
  • and sometimes not knowing how to rote count past 5.

And here they are at day 100 – many of them:

  • can count to 100 (or are super close)
  • have most letters and letter sounds under their belt
  • are working at being awesome readers, writers, and math thinkers!

So while you’ve got a fun 100th day planned – here are bonus certificates to send home with your students.

Pick Your 100th Day of School Certificates

I’ve made 2 different sizes for you. There is a full-page (8.5″x11″) one and one is a half-sheet size (4.25″x5.5″) which you print two per page.

Each certificate features a fun monster (or alien) character.

You can pick from two different sayings:

The first one says: “Hooray (name) had a great 100th day of kindergarten.”

But there is an alternative version for those of you who don’t teach kindergarten but find yourself here too {wink}. Your version says, “Hooray (name) had a great 100th day of school.”

100th Day of School and Kindergarten Certificates

The second saying is: “Hooray (name) rocked the 100th day of kindergarten.” Or for the rest of you TK, PreK and first grade peeps – “Hooray (name) rocked the 100th day of school.”

How to prepare and print

Click here to download the 100th day certificates:

[terms of use]  [downloading help]

Print them onto brightly colored paper if you just plan to send them home as-is – or print them on white paper if you want to let your students color them.

100th Day of School Certificate


  1. Write in your students’ names
  2. Sign your name.
  3. Add the date (or if you’re like me… just the year because we were never sure if a snow day would impact our 100th day of school and I’d be prepping these in advance.)

That’s it. Super simple!

And if you want to do something else with them – here is a simple idea: Take a photo of each student (or the whole class together) with their certificate and email those out to parents later in the week.

Coloring Certificate for the 100th Day of School

What a fun way to commemorate the day.

More 100th day of school ideas

You may want to check out more fun, free printables I’ve made for kindergarten.

You can get 100th day of school necklaces. These are similar to the certificates but smaller and fun to wear throughout the day.

Or you may want to make these 100th day headbands with your class. I offer quite a few options in my free printable pack.

Here is what I recommend you get to wear on the 100th day of school! Since you’ll probably be skipping the certificate, necklace or headband for yourself – a 100th day of school t-shirt is totally the simple and fun way to be adorned for the day as the teacher.

I made this design just for us teachers!

Cute 100th Day of School tshirt for teachers

Of course, those are just fun added elements.

They don’t really help us teach and work on our awesome kindergarten skills… so for that, I’ve got two activities you might want to check out.

They’re both free:

  1. Read a 100th day of school emergent reader during your guided reading groups.
  2. Write a simple pattern book about 100 good things/bad things during your writing time.

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