Kinder-Friendly Emergent Readers for the 100th Day of School


The 100th day of school is such a fun celebration. We work hard in kindergarten and come so far in those first 100 days of school.

Some of you may remember that I lovingly joke that we go from herding cats in the first days in kindergarten to teaching those same cats to read.

What we get to do is amazing!

100th day emergent readers

So – as we insert fun and themed activities into our daily routine on the 100th day of school – here are free printable emergent readers you can use during your guided reading time.

This download is a set three different versions of 100th day emergent readers. They all look and feel the same.

100th Day of School - Easy Emergent Reader

The only noticeable difference right away is the coloring of the title, “Hooray for 100 Days of School” on the front cover.

Let me share a little about each of the different versions so you know what to expect. I added colored markers to the pictures so you’d get a feel for each level.

Easy Reader

I made an “easy reader” version that I’d consider perfect for a student who reads level A or level B (levels 1-2) books and needs repetitive sentences that heavily rely on illustrations to be successful.

  • It features a “We like _____.” pattern of text and lists school activities.
  • The last page says, “We like 100 days of school!” to tie it into the 100th day of school.

100th Day of School Easy Reader

On Target Reader

I’ve made a version that is perfect for the majority of your kindergarten class that are reading on-level in January and February (when most everyone has their 100th day of school).

  • The text isn’t in a pattern – but uses a combination of high frequency words or relies heavily on the illustration.
  • I’d say this book is more suited for a level C or D (levels 3-4) reader in kindergarten.

100th Day of School Take Home Books for Kindergarten

Higher Level Reader

The last version of this 100th day mini book for guided reading is just right for your readers who have a good set of sight words under their belt and know some word chunks.

  • There is no pattern to the text, though it does connect to the illustrations.
  • You could use this book with students who read levels E-G (levels 5-7).
Free Printable Emergent Reader Book for 100th Day of School

The flexibility is yours.

How to get yours

You’ll love that these printable books can be used by multiple groups of students and saved for next year or you could print and send them home since they are in black and white.

Click here to download the 100th day emergent readers:

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Print out these leveled reading books for your reading groups. Send them to your printer to be printed double-sided and then simply cut and staple.

Are you gearing up for the 100th day of school?

The 100th day of kindergarten is busy and fun. Be sure that you have your teacher t-shirt ready to go.

I’d like to have your back – especially on the 100th day of kindergarten.

After all, it’s my goal here on KindergartenWorks to help you organize, think and teach smart – like you want to.

So, I’ve got a few more 100th day free printables to support you –

100th day writing books for kindergarten

Start with this little book of 100’s that will work right into your writer’s workshop or writing time during the 100th day of school. It’s a pattern book with a cute ending.

And for the fun of it all – check out these 100th day resources:

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