Hooray for 100! Free Writing Activity for 100th Day of Kindergarten


If you’re like me, we can’t spend the entire 100th day of school counting things. That feels monotonous… even though it’s just for a day.

Here is a fun writing activity you can plan for your 100th day of school festivities. It’s a perfect activity to break up counting to 100 but still plays off the fun of the number of the day.

100th day writing books

Plug this free printable mini book into your lesson plans. Use your normal writer’s workshop or writing time!

Print out a book for each student. All they need is their imagination and writing utensils.

What’s in the book?

There are two cute monsters (or aliens) featured to help students recognize the pattern in the story and to identify when the pattern changes at the end.

Students complete this pattern book by listing good things (or things that would be awesome to have 100 of) and not-so-good things (or, you know… things that could be terrible if they came in a batch of 100).

Cute Printable 100th Day of School Book

This is where the fun really comes in!

  • 100 Reeses cups would be awesome – but 100 worms would be terrible.
  • 100 princess dresses would be awesome – but 100 dragons would be terrible.
  • 100 dollars would be awesome – but 100 band-aids would be terrible.

Students will sound out their word and write it on the line of text on the page. Then they draw the matching item in their book.

The ending of the book is a cute twist. What would be the BEST thing to have 100 of?

  • 100 hugs from mom?
  • 100 minutes of recess?
  • 100 pirate jewels?
100th Day of School Writing Prompt Booklet for Kindergarten

How to use it in the classroom

Download this 100th day writing book to use with your class. [terms of use] [downloading help]

This book is designed to be printed double-sided. There is a front cover, then a page of text followed by a blank page for illustrations. There are two ending pages of text.

Print a book for each student and staple the pages together.

Introduce the little writing book to your students by reading it aloud and generate some ideas as a class first to help your writers get started! A quick T-chart would be easy to set up on the fly.

When you’re generating ideas together – let them come up with classroom-appropriate, silly ideas:

  • 100 pairs of underwear?
  • 100 chocolate chip cookies?
  • 100 erupting volcanoes?
  • 100 rainbows?

It’s part of the fun of being a writer and this book is a perfect place to capture age-appropriate silliness.

Students don’t need to draw one hundred of anything in this book.

In fact, I would challenge my budding kinder writers to make their illustration super big to fill up as much of the blank page next to the text as they could. This is a great writing mini-lesson for the day.

This book is a great opportunity to practice drawing LARGE items, which kinders need to learn in order to show details in their pictures.

When you’re done teaching them what you want them to do – send each student with their own copy to their spots to start working. They can pick their own ideas or maybe select a couple from the chart you created together.

Tips for this activity

If listing three good and three not-so-good things is too much for your class, then simply print less of those pages for your class’ books. Simple fix.

100th Day of School Writing Booklet

I’ve made a few parts ready to color too in case your writers are fast! Kinders can color the front cover, the monsters and the letters on the ending page to help them continue working while others are finishing up.

Don’t worry if you don’t finish writing this book all in one sitting. The beauty of writing projects like this 100th day of school writing booklet is that they can last over multiple days and students know exactly what to do the next time they sit down to write.

These cute monsters (or aliens) are featured in more of the free 100th day things I’ve created for you!

Check out these little guys in:

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