Free 100th Day of School Headband Crowns


It’s the 100th day of kindergarten and time to celebrate! Let’s make some 100th day of school headband crowns to mark the special school day.

100th day crowns

If you’re like me, then we can marvel at how far our kinders come in the span of 100 school days. It’s fun to add in special 100-themed things throughout the day to mark the occasion.

We count how many days of school during calendar time to work on daily number practice and getting to 100 is kinda a big deal.

So, why not make your kinders feel like royalty with a special 100th day crown?

I’ve got your back.

You can print out these free 100th day of school headband toppers below and boom – instant crown.

Here’s the low down on this freebie:

You can choose from ten designs and two different shaped headbands.

The shapes are simple for young cutting hands and have a wide outline. Very forgiving.

Some of the prints are more simple so you can print them onto white paper and let your students color or decorate.

100th Day of School Crowns

Some designs are just right for printing onto brightly colored paper and are ready to go.

Click here to download your 100th day crown headband templates:

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Each band is 3 inches tall. This makes cutting the needed headband straps (to fit around each child’s head) quick on the cutting board at school if you’re cutting construction paper.

You could staple them shut once sized to each students’ head.

Coloring Template Crown for 100th Day of School

Here’s an alternative method for making a headband stay put:

Cut the additional headband strap in half for each student. This essentially gives them a left and a right “wing” to attach onto their crowns. Then staple a single rubber band to both wings and then they will be a perfect fit every time. It makes the band “stretchy” and not have to be sized perfectly to stay in place.

What are you wearing for the 100th day of school?

I’ve got you covered here too.

cute 100th day of school teacher shirts

Grab one of these cute 100th day of school teacher shirts I’ve designed and you’ll be set to go.

I’ve prepared a few more 100th day freebies for you. Don’t leave without checking out these:

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  1. Thank you so much for the freebie! I appreciate how quick and easy it was to download and print. Thank you from a teacher in need to you, a thoughtful and generous teacher.

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