Don’t Let the Pigeon… Extension Writing Activity

Does your class love classic books as much as mine? What is it about kindergarten that they just fall in love with The Pigeon books, No, David! and Pete the Cat?

Here is a “Don’t Let the Pigeon” writing activity you can do with your kindergarten class.

Don't Let the Pigeon... Extension Writing Activity

Let me share my favorite Pigeon books to read before this activity, how to do it and give you a freebie to help you make it happen.

What is the “Don’t Let the Pigeon…” activity?

Students will create a guided drawing of the pigeon, create a background setting and add a writing piece.

The goal: students come up with their own thing that the pigeon should absolutely NOT do.

You can easily do this activity after reading one (or many) of the Mo Willems Pigeon books. (And just a heads up that these are affiliate links. It’s so kind of you to support a fellow teacher with your clicks)

For this exact activity, I recommend:

They love this activity. First off, I will warn you that by teaching your students how to draw the pigeon, you will see pigeon drawn during every writer’s workshop opportunity for a few days following {wink}

Kindergarten writing activity - Don't Let the Pigeon...

Let’s break it down and start with the whole group part of the lesson.

Step 1 – Teach how to draw the pigeon

Do a guided drawing (or directed drawing) lesson where you model one step with verbal directions and a model they can see and students copy that step on their own paper. You continue with each step until you’ve got a pigeon.

Writing prompt for Don't Let the Pigeon...

These are all valid ways of teaching how to draw Pigeon for kindergarten:

My kinders were usually on the carpet area with their pencil boxes next to them and a lap board/clipboard underneath their work.

Don't Let the Pigeon... Writing Activity for kids

I always liked to have the book open to a page with the entire pigeon visible so they can see the end goal.

Alright, let’s cover the next step.

Step 2 – Prepare a background and fun lettering

Each student needs a new large piece of construction paper for their background and some lettering that looks like it came from a Mo Willems pigeon book.

Don't Let the Pigeon... Extension Writing Activity - kindergarten

Let me help you out with that. I’ve made some lettering right here that you can easily download and use. [terms of use] [downloading help]

See? I’ve got your back.

Students cut out each word and glue it onto their construction paper – in order.

Then they cut out their pigeon. (I recommended cutting rectangles for the legs)

Step 3 – Do the “Don’t Let the Pigeon” writing and drawing

Kindergartners are so creative. I don’t think I had to tell anybody what to pick… but of course, there were a few who picked the bus {wink}

Don't Let the Pigeon stay up late writing activity

In kindergarten, pictures they make are just about as important as the words they write.

They draw and color a scene (or really, the thing that the pigeon should absolutely not do).

They complete their glued on sentence to finish the statement, “Don’t let the pigeon…” by writing their own idea to match their illustrated scene.

The Pigeon books writing activity for kindergarten Mow Willems author study

Their pigeon gets glued on top of their scene to finish it off.

Or, if they think outside the box (or off the page) like this little guy below, they may ask you for a solution on how to make the pigeon look like he’s coming out of the firetruck.

Don't Let the Pigeon drive the bus writing activity

That’s it! Your class can totally do this “Don’t Let the Pigeon” writing extension activity too.

You could turn them into a class book, but we liked to hang them up as masterpieces!

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – a “Don’t Let the Pigeon” writing activity you can do with your kindergarten class.

I hope you and your class enjoy doing this activity together and that they feel proud of their final masterpieces.

Are you into using classic books in your classroom? Then you just may love this Pete the Cat teacher resource collection with freebies and more.

Who doesn't love Pete the Cat and free? These are awesome for kindergarten!

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  1. I did this with my kindergarteners in my internship. It was great! They were all so creative with it. Thank you so much for the idea.

    We had “Don’t Let the Pigeon Babysit”

    “Don’t Let the Pigeon Cross the Road”

    “Don’t Let the Pigeon be the Teacher”

    And so many more! Love it.

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