16 Quick Phonics Videos for Kindergarten


Keep your phonics time fresh by building in a phonics video every now and then.

Here are 16 phonics videos that are designed for kindergarten-aged students who are learning their letter sounds, learning to read and working on building letter-sound fluency.

Most of these videos cover the entire alphabet in one 2-3 minute video but I’m also throwing in a couple of extras – like two playlists that have a video for each letter of the alphabet… just in case you need it.

Thanks to all of the great teachers on our facebook page who jumped in to share their favorites. You helped build this awesome list!

Phonics Videos – Alphabet Letter Sounds

Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song – (2 mins) This one was totally new to me as I researched the suggestions from other teachers. While it’s not widely used in the classroom, I think a lot of kinders would enjoy this version at the beginning of the school year.

Phonercise – Exercise Your Body and Brain – (3 mins) Dr. Jean is a staple in many classrooms and here is a version that you can easily edit to work with your own alphabet chart.

Fill in the word blanks with the icon your classroom uses from your own alphabet chart and build in some exercise to your phonics lesson.

ABC Rockstar – (2.5 mins) This is a simple version that quickly goes through all of the letter sounds of the alphabet for kindergarten using lowercase letters as the featured models.

While I don’t love “x-ray” for letter x – it has one of the best pronunciation of all letter sounds I’ve heard recorded.

Create your own movements to go along.

Kinderphonics Video – (2 mins) This simple video goes through each letter of the Leapfrog Letter Factory video (affiliate – which I highly recommend) using the associated movements.

Act Out The Alphabet | Phonics Song | Jack Hartmann – (5 mins). Get your students up and moving with this “acting out the alphabet” video. It definitely will work more towards the beginning of the school year to help alleviate the wiggles.

Letter Sounds | Alphabet Song | Jack Hartmann – (3.5 mins) Here is another version of the alphabet reinforced with letter sounds, though this one is less movement oriented than the acting out the alphabet version above.

What Do The Letters Say? (What Does The Fox Say? Parody) – (3.5 mins) Create your own movements, hand signals or motions to build off of the highly popular song, “What Does the Fox Say?”

ABC Sound Clues with Who Let the Letters Out by Dr. Jean – (2 mins) Kathleen T. says on facebook, “The kids LOVE IT & you can use it with whatever letter/pictures cards you are using in the classroom. (Zoo phonics, Open Court, etc.) We have hand motions that accompaniment each letter card, so the kids stand up & do the motion for each letter card while the “leader” points to each letter card.”

Phonics Song – Preschool Prep Company – (2 mins) This one is unique and I’m really liking it. Ces C. recommended this one on facebook. I do love that it includes every sound for each letter (like c says both /s/ and /k/).

Animal Alphabet Song (3 mins) – Pam E. from facebook recommended checking out an animal alphabet song. I liked this one best since it shows animals forming the letter shapes.

Teach Me How to Read: Rap Song – (2 mins) This one will have your entire class singing along and the best part is after 1 min, it goes into blending letters into CVC words. Such a good way to hit multiple skills in a short amount of time.

ABC RAP Video – (5 mins) This video is a little slow to start so it’d be good to play as students are coming in and heading to the carpet. It does have good repetition and choices for each letter sound… except for x-ray on the letter x. The alphabet is gone through twice.

Individual Letters of the Alphabet Phonics Videos Playlists

ABC Songs: by StoryBots – (1.5 mins each) This playlist hits each letter of the alphabet.

While each video is not designed to be easy to repeat (or sing along with) they are great to build vocabulary and for higher readers to remain engaged.

We’re talking going beyond C /c/ /c/ cat, here people. These were recommended by Erin L. on facebook – thanks!

Letter Song Videos by Have Fun Teaching – (2-4 mins each) Playlist of phonics videos with main focus on look and sound of letter.

It may get a little repetitious {which can be a good thing}, but if you add a dance movement for each time you say the letter sound it will be much more engaging!

Short examples of letter sounds used in words can be found in the middle of the video to help break up the repetition.

More Learning to Read Videos

And while these aren’t strictly letter-sound videos I did want to be sure to include them since they make a:

  • great addition to your calendar time
  • fun transition coming back in from recess
  • great learning time filler for the random 3 minutes you don’t want them sitting idly by

Phonics (Rhyming Words) – (2.5 mins) Covers rhyming and word families. While it may not exactly be for the first half of the school year, you’ll totally have kinders picking up on this skill and using rhyming words (reading word chunks) as a skill later in the school year when they are reading past levels 5 and 6 (or level D/E).

Sight Word Song Music Videos – (2-3 mins.) Not my absolute favorite but this style of video capitalizes on repetition like the letter song videos by Have Fun Teaching.

There are 15 kindergarten sight words (a, and, for, go, I, is, in, it, look, said, the, to, up, you, away) included in this video playlist.

Tip! Show a video to your class without any hesitation with viewpure.com. It removes adds, comments and videos that pop up as suggestions afterwards.

There you have it!

A collection of 16 videos that have been kindergarten teacher approved and are perfect for building into your phonics time.

I hope you found it helpful to have them all in one place to add to your favorites list on YouTube.

If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

16 Phonics Videos for Kindergarten

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  1. I am looking for a and song that my son learned in preschool. I thought it was called A,B,C,D sing it Alphabetically. But I’m not having any luck finding it. It starts out abcd sing it Alphabetically. Start with a and end with z, soon your reading. A am anteater ate am apple pie, B humble bees go buzzing by. C a camel cooked up carrot stew, D dinosaurs dig yes the Woodley do. Are you familiar with this song and if so, do you know where I might be able to find It? Thank you

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