12 Dental Health Videos for Kindergarten – Read, Move and Learn!


Want to find kindergarten-friendly videos that hit the mark in time for learning about dental health? Here is a list of teacher-recommended videos for teaching about brushing teeth.

It can be fun to change up our normal routine in the classroom (or via distance learning) for February (when most teachers cover dental health) and add a video or two into our lesson plans.

For example, you just might need a learning video to supplement what you’re teaching or a brain break video that can help get the wiggles out.

Whatever you need – here are dental health-themed books read aloud, brain break videos and some learning videos that can help you teach.

Dental health-themed stories

These stories are good read-alouds for learning about taking care of teeth. They are fun and nod to dental health while sticking to what is age-appropriate for kindergarten.

I’ll be sharing affiliate links and more information about each book in case you want to read a hard copy.

Just Going to the Dentist

See what going to the dentist looks like for a checkup in this classic Mercer Mayer book.

Sometimes seeing what a dentist visit can look like helps alleviate fear in our students. It’s also a good book for starting a discussion about your students’ own dentist visits before a writing prompt.

Get the book >>

Pony Brushes His Teeth

This book is a very quick read aloud that features a pony who does everything like his dad – as he is learning the steps to brushing his teeth.

Get the book >>

Brush Your Teeth Please

Kids will enjoy this pop-up book that shows fierce animals brushing and flossing their teeth.

Note: This version of the book has background music – but doesn’t read it aloud so you’ll have to fill in the text for your students.

Get the book >>

The Tooth Book

A classic rhyming and rhythm book when it comes to books about teeth.

Kids will learn about who has teeth (and who doesn’t) and how they will eventually lose their baby teeth and grow a set of adult teeth.

Get the book >>

Brain breaks

Brain breaks give students the opportunity to break from focusing by moving to music in order to recharge.

Floss Dance: Brain Breaks

Okay, so we can have a little fun and stretch dental care to include flossing, right? Of course, we can!

Teach your students how to do the popular “floss dance” and give them a chance to giggle and move.

Pretend their hips are a tooth, they use a piece of imaginary floss to “clean” both sides of the tooth.

Brush Your Teeth Dance Along

This super-quick kids dance video practices brushing teeth up and down and side to side.

Learning videos

These videos are meant to help you teach mini-concepts in the classroom. They focus on how to brush teeth, why we brush our teeth and knowing more about teeth in general.

Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?

Students learn how teeth need our care by covering important basics quickly (all in just over 4 mins) like tooth layers, bacteria and when to brush.

This is the perfect video to watch before you send home your free Colgate classroom toothbrush kit.

Tooth By Tooth

I think this book that compares different kinds of teeth that animals have is fascinating for kinders.

They can compare their own teeth and it’s great to understand the different kinds of teeth we have in our own mouths.

This book read aloud by you is definitely better than this video recording (be sure to turn up the volume).

Get the book >>

Why It’s Important To Brush Your Teeth!

Explore why it’s important to carefully choose what we drink and why it’s important to brush by watching this egg experiment unfold.

Students will see what happens to an egg (which represents our teeth) when it’s placed in multiple solutions and then brushed.

You can even do this experiment with your class.

ABC Dentist: Healthy Teeth From A to Z

This is a much longer book and video. You might only want to select specific points to cover after you preview it.

I think students should understand how many teeth they have and the roots our teeth have (connect this to your growing plants unit). Most other videos don’t cover these two mini-topics.

Here the time-jump links to those topics in this video:

Get the book >>

Crush It While I Brush It

What’s a kindergarten video list without a Harry Kindergarten video?

To get kids moving – create a dance movement to match the repetitive part of the video – and then kids can squat and bounce or kneel while learning how to care for their teeth.

Brush Your Teeth | Kids Songs

This sing-songy video covers how to brush teeth and when to brush – all in just 2 minutes. It’s a rhyming video so many students will catch onto singing along quickly.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – my list of dental health hygiene videos for kindergarten.

I hope that these books read aloud, dance videos, and learning videos can come in handy since it has been teacher pre-screened for you!

Tip! Show a video to your class without any hesitation with viewpure.com. It removes ads, comments and videos that pop up as suggestions afterward.

What videos did I miss that you love to share with your class for dental health month? Tell us in the comments.

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