18 Kindergarten Videos to Teach 2D Shapes


Here are some favorite kindergarten videos on describing and naming 2D shapes. These videos are quick and very handy to use in lessons or during a transition.

For example, you just might need a learning video to supplement what you’re teaching or a brain break video that can help get the wiggles out.

Let’s look at my favorite videos that teach how to describe multiple shapes, some brain break videos that get kids moving while they learn, a couple of videos so students can guess the shape names, and lastly, some individual shape videos.

Most kindergarten standards today require students to know a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon – so these will be the main shapes featured in this collection.

Describing 2D shape videos

Here are teacher-recommended videos for teaching how to describe these 2D shapes.

Here are the shapes that I know

Here are the 2D Shapes that I know by Harry Kindergarten has a catchy tune and helps visualize these shapes in our world.

This covers circles, triangles, squares, hexagons, and rectangles. You may not have to go any further on this list to have a class favorite!

Marmot’s shapes

This one quickly became my second favorite since Marmot’s shapes is very catchy and explicitly lays out the descriptions of the sides.

This video covers rectangles, triangles, circles, and squares.

I’m a shape

This shapes song is simple, and makes its point, which is exactly what we need it to do!

Each shape introduces itself and its features. It covers squares, circles, and triangles.

Shapes in the world

The shapes song helps begin to work on describing these shapes and shows basic pictures from our world that includes shapes.

It’s a little slower-moving, but still effective!

This video shows circles, triangles, squares in detail, and just mentions rectangles, ovals, diamonds, and stars.

Leapfrog shapes

And this video was shared with me by email reader Kristen. {thanks Kristen!} She liked that it covered circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles all in under 4 minutes.

Shape rap

Create circles and squares with your bodies. This shape rap song will get your kids moving and shows some good examples of shapes in the world.

The farmer in the dell

This shapes song isn’t my favorite – but I could totally see using the quick chants (that are sung to the tune of The Farm in the Dell) to learn how to draw the shapes with kinders.

This song includes circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Brain breaks – get up and move

These shape videos are designed for students to move while watching, making them the perfect brain breaks.

Shape up!

This classic shape song will get kids moving, drawing shapes in the air, and learning some features of the shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and oval.

Go on a shape hunt

Students go on a secret mission to look around the room in this guided 3-minute video to find something shaped like a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, diamond, and oval.

Guess the shape videos

These videos are meant to engage students by guessing and naming the shapes.

Changing shape

This one will keep your kids guessing as the shape keeps changing.

It can also lead to a great discussion about how the sides change and what happened to make it each new shape.

This video shows a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, and an octagon.

Do you know what shape I am?

I like the simplicity but effectiveness of this shape song for kindergarten that covers a circle, triangle, square, and rectangle.

Name that shape

This name that shape video is just as it sounds. It flashes shapes and students call out the name of the shape before the name is shown (or called out by the teacher).

It shows triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, rhombus and hexagons.

Name the shape game

Students call out the shape names (circle, rhombus, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, hexagon) two or three times during this guided 4-minute video.

I like that the third round of the “game” includes real-world images and that the fourth round is a combination of plain shapes and real-world images with no answer given aloud.

Individual shapes

Here are some individual shape videos that just cover one shape each.


Most videos that feature multiple shapes don’t often include a hexagon so these bonus videos are good to include.

This hexagon shape video is pretty quick and reinforces that they have 6 sides. Your kiddos will enjoy doing the dino dance.

Work on learning what a hexagon has in under two minutes – this video uses the words “sides” and “angles” to describe the features of a hexagon.


The story bots (which are fast-moving and upbeat) show a bird’s beak, rocket ship, and more in this triangle song video.


The whole world is full of rectangles! Your kinders will have fun trying to keep up with this insanely fast-paced rectangle shape video.


The more I watch the story bots, the more I love them.

A donut, a ferris wheel, a trash can lid are all examples used in this circle shape song. I love that they only include flat examples of circles (no spheres) as compared to some other videos.


Serve some saltines when you show this square shapes video. Squares are everywhere!

So, if you’re working on shapes like us, I hope your students will love these videos too.

If you’re looking for more handy ways to teach 2D shapes in kindergarten, then you’ve got to check out these 27 creative ways.

How to teach 2D shapes in kindergarten - 27 Creative Ways to Make Teaching 2D Shapes Happen

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