End of the Year Quick Photo Ideas

Are you gearing up for the end of the school year?

No matter if you feel like you are gearing up, winding down or simply dragging yourself in with coffee cup in tow – here are some easy and fun ways to get a clever end of the year photo with your class.

End of the Year Photo Ideas that are prefect for kindergarten

Capture those last few days and print these pictures to send home, email them to parents or share them in your parent communication app.

You can choose to do a whole class photo, individual photos or even some small group photos. They all make great memories!

Whole Class End of the Year Photo

Grab a photo with your entire class. Get everyone together in a scenic spot.

End of the Year Class Photo Kindergarten - KindergartenWorks

This one was easy to pull together! Gather your class in a scenic spot and have them spell out a fun end of year message. We did, “We are first graders!”

If you like it, I’ve already got the letters ready to print out for you as a free instant download.

I’ve seen this whole class end of the year photo done for a thank you gift for parent volunteers – just with a different message spelled out. This is my take on that fun idea and it was easy to do.

psst! Have you already got your end of the year teacher shirt? Here are my current favorites. Hurry – there’s still time to order.

Small Group Photo

Take some silly pictures with your students in smaller groups.

end of the year class photo idea - bright future by KindergartenWorks

Have your students wear sunglasses for a fun countdown day or as a treat for good behavior. Snap some pictures with attitude and these will be classic keepers.

You know, they’re {almost} too cool for kindergarten by the last week anyways… Almost.

Grab this bright set of words to overlay your small group photo for free right here on my blog.

Capture Individual Last Week of School Photos

Every parent is gonna want one.

This is a perfect snapshot to send them home with. Photograph each student proudly showing their status as a future first grader!

Do you have parents that come to celebrate the end of the school year along with your class? This is a perfect snapshot to send them home with. Photograph each student proudly showing their status as a future first grader!

It’s super easy with these printable photo prop posters that you print and are ready for a photo shoot! Or you can have your students make their own painted banner.

Whether you decide to take a class picture, snap some small group shots or take an end of the year photo of each kinder – you’re sure to get lots of smiles from your students and parents alike.

Here’s to a strong finish at the end of your kindergarten year and a memorable one too!

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End of the Year Quick Photo Ideas - I think these would be so easy to do in kindergarten

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