8 Books Kindergartners Ask for Over and Over Again


In kindergarten, we read books aloud every day. It’s one way we grow readers and teach a love for learning. Here are top books kindergarten teachers say their class begs for them to read almost every day.

These read-aloud books are all recommended by real kindergarten teachers!

You know it strikes a chord with five and six-year-olds when they ask for the same book over and over again.

Most often these books have “just right” kid humor or a decent amount of repetition that we as teachers can appreciate too.

I’ll be sharing some video previews my take on each book and affiliate links so you can check things out for yourself.

The Book With No Pictures

While this book does indeed have no pictures, the reader must say all sorts of silly things. This book proves that books can indeed be much more about words than just pictures.

Video preview:

You’ve got to read this book using silly voices and with lots of intonation – but your students will love that you have to read exactly what it says. *Classroom warning: contains the word “butt”

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Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas

This fun rhyming book is short. It’s about a fruit-and-veggie-eating piranha who tries to convince his fellow people-eating piranha friends to try what he likes.

This book is a wonderfully short read for the classroom. You can read it pretty quickly and students will enjoy the rhyme and conversation between fish. Students will get a kick out of the piranha bum-eating preference.

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The Day the Crayons Quit

A little boy finds a letter from each of his missing crayon colors. Read each crayon’s letter and then see how Duncan tries to solve the problem at the end of the story.

This book has a lot of text, but kids can relate to the coloring issues and humor. They will find the peach crayon with peeled paper especially humorous towards the end of the book.

It’s not a quick read aloud, so save it for when you have a good chunk of time to read. And if your class loves it there are more crayon books to follow up with.

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Dragons Love Tacos

Find out how to make a dragon happy and make dragon friends by throwing a taco party – because dragons love tacos. But watch out – see just what happens if you accidentally feed dragons hot, spicy salsa on their tacos.

Kindergartners will enjoy this light-hearted tale of tacos and tummy troubles. The ending, when the dragons start breathing fire will definitely be the favorite part of the story.

It’s a mid-length read-aloud that features dragons of all shapes, sizes and colors. And if your class loves it there is a Dragons Love Tacos 2 book to follow up with.

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The Wonky Donkey

Find out something new about a three-legged “wonky donkey” on each page in this rhyming-sing-songy tale.

Here is the song version of the story so you can hear the rhythm and use it to your advantage when you read it aloud to your class.

Students will enjoy the repetition and growing-list of features to describe the donkey. It’s a mid-length read-aloud that will have students enjoying the absurd.

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Favorite series read-alouds for kindergarten

Now, those read-alouds listed above are stand-alone books.

However, in so many classrooms students fall in love with a character (or set of characters) and will fall in love with more books in the same series.

Teachers agree almost any book from these lists can quickly become a class favorite in a given year.

So here are the top series read-alouds for kindergarten.

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is a famous blue cat that takes over the hearts in your kindergarten classroom. Kinders love the books’ repetition, rhyme and bright, simplistic illustrations.

Page excerpt from Pete the Cat Buttons

You’ll find the most popular books are more likely to be a hit with kindergarten kids at the beginning of the year.

Like these:

And then you can sprinkle in other Pete books, like these, throughout the rest of the school year:

If your class loves Pete, you may want to check out these 87 Cool Pete the Cat Freebies and Teaching Resources.

No David

David is a character who resonates with kids – he’s loud, most often naughty, but has a tender heart.

Page excerpt from No, David book

There are four main “No David” books that are just right for the kindergarten classroom.

Read the David series books within the first school semester to connect with your kindergarten audience the best.

If your class loves David, you may want to check out these 21 No David Activities and Quick Freebies.

The Pigeon

And it wouldn’t be a kindergarten-favorites list without mentioning the pigeon.

The Pigeon is a beloved character by Mo Willems who is a lot sassy, continuously inquisitive, often excuse-ready, and sometimes demanding.

But, most of all the Pigeon draws upon their love of silliness.

Page excerpt from Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

My two favorite pigeon books are:

Which we use as springboards for this Don’t Let the Pigeon… Extension Writing Activity.

But other highly-popular pigeon books for kindergarten include:

These books are excellent books to read anytime in the school year, but will definitely be a big hit during the second semester when kindergarten students have matured a little more but still love silliness.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – stories ready to read aloud to your class that they most likely will ask for on a regular basis – so read at your own risk.

Thanks to all of the kindergarten teachers who chimed in to share their favorites on the KindergartenWorks facebook page!

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