First Week of School Lesson Plan Bracelet

Here is my quick tip that helps keep me sane during the first week of kindergarten. This first week of school lesson plan bracelet is a famous secret that really works. {wink}

Here’s why I need this lesson plan bracelet and then I’ll show you how I made it.

First Week of School Lesson Plan Bracelet

During the first week of school, we change activities so frequently.

During the first week of kindergarten there is no “routine” yet.

I need it to make sure I hit all of the procedural things like a gazillion times. This is my solution.

Enter the lesson plan bracelet

Here’s what I do.

I cut the day’s lessons from my lesson planning binder into a strip and wear it around my wrist like a bracelet.


First Week of Kindergarten Lesson Plan Bracelet

My only other option really was to stick post it notes all over myself or keep running back to my lesson plans to see what are the next three things we’re doing. Constantly. Because wiggling bodies keep distracting me and I literally forgot what I was saying and doing.

I prefer my lesson plan bracelet.

And it really works.

So the things I plan to teach on the first day of kindergarten are actually all on my lesson plan bracelet… well, on two bracelets.

My wrist is small and I wanted a tight fit so I simply broke it up at lunch made an AM bracelet and PM bracelet.

Kindergarten First Day Lesson Plans on a bracelet

I know what I want to accomplish and create a good order that will allow for tons of movement opportunities and things broken up into 15 minute chunks.

I use the bracelet as long as I need to during the first few days/weeks of school.

Kindergarten First Day Lesson Plans on a bracelet

It’s also good for other things

My previous student teacher from two years ago used the bracelet for something similar when she wanted to keep better track of how many verbal warnings she gave out – she made herself a paper bracelet to mark tallies on and voila – simple solution!

I’ve used something just like it when I had to do a “time on task” data collection for a child and document if they were on task every few minutes. No carrying around a clipboard for me, thank you very much.

But don’t take my word for it

“My kinders start tomorrow, and I have three of these ready and waiting!!! So many things to go over with them …. and we know kinders at the beginning of the year cannot have even a moment of dead time while you try to remember what we were doing next!! GENIUS IDEA!!!” – Trish Munson

“I used this idea last year and it was a huge stress reliever! All the wiggling, boundary-pushing, question asking, tears, rules reminding, procedures modeling, and more can be very distracting. This year my first three days have gone well and I didn’t forget anything, (though skipping things due to wiggly little people will always be a factor) because of this idea! Other staff members notice it and ask about it. I tell them “my blog friend is brilliant!”. Thanks, Leslie!” – Jan Reed

Kindergarten First Day Lesson Plans on a bracelet

How could a bracelet like this make your life easier? It’s worth a shot!

Let’s wrap it up

There you have my secret to staying sane and making sure I hit everything the first day (and week) of kindergarten.

A simple little bracelet that really works.

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  1. Do you have any examples of lesson plans for the first week? I am a first year teacher, and we started school on Thursday of last week. I felt so unprepared, and wanted to make sure next week ran smoothly.

  2. Do you still read the “bathroom book?” What’s the title, please? I’ve got a bathroom in my classroom this year, and want to really hit all bases, going over use, etc.


  3. This is the greatest idea ever! I have a formal observation coming up and I still get so nervous! I think I’ll make and wear one of these so I don’t forget to do everything I have planned!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. That’s one of those, why didn’t I think of that things! Great for reminders, how kiddos are getting home ect. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the idea of marking how many verbal warnings – I have a few students who I feel like I give a million warnings to because I can’t remember when I gave the last one!!

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