17 Kindergarten Videos for January – Read, Move and Learn!


Find kindergarten-friendly videos that hit the mark in January. Here is a list of teacher-recommended videos for January.

Let’s face it. For many of us – especially in the Midwest – it’s essential to have a handful of favorite learning videos during January. January usually means endless days of indoor recess and built up excess energy in our kinders.

A learning video can help break up the normal routine or a brain break video can help get the wiggles out.

So here are snow-themed books read aloud, brain break videos and some learning videos that can help you teach through the winter.

Snow themed stories

Now, most of these videos came directly from the teacher’s list of recommended books to read to kindergarten in January.

Here are the youtube versions we found to be most appealing and are classroom-ready.

The Most Perfect Snowman

The Most Perfect Snowman is a sweet story that embraces kindness.

The Snowman

This video is almost a half-hour but is just beautiful with music and no words.

Sneezy the Snowman

Sneezy the Snowman is a relatively new book around the classroom block, but it’s a fun rhyming book with a pattern, making it easy to love.

The Snowy Day

This quick read-aloud version animates the classic kindergarten winter book The Snowy Day.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

Another classic winter story read aloud. This reader’s voice is pleasant and this version would be great to add hand motions to as students listen.

The Mitten

Do you read any Jan Brett books in the winter or do an author study? Then The Mitten should be on your list!

Brain breaks

When indoor recess hits, or simply the wiggles – it’s time to fit in a brain break.

These Youtube videos aren’t strictly for use in January, but they are handy.

Jack Hartmann penguin dance

The penguin dance is a quick repeating video that builds up motion. It will remind you of tooty-ta but with penguin flair.

Trolls GoNoodle

Sometimes students just need to go full out and dance their wiggles out. This dance video can help with that done to an upbeat song.

And if you need to exercise but in a more calm fashion then these yoga-for-kids videos might fit the bill.

Reader Michelle shared these three as her class’ favorites:

Cosmic Kids Frozen

Retell the story of Anna and Elsa in this Frozen yoga kids video while using yoga poses.

Betsy the Banana cosmic kids

Students follow along with yoga poses to tell this imagination story as a banana at a birthday party.

Squish the Fish cosmic kids

Take an ocean adventure together with yoga poses to tell what’s happening in the story.

Learning videos

Here are some videos to support or extend what you might be learning in the classroom in January.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is in January. This read-aloud is kinder-friendly.

And here is a song to the tune of Bingo to gently introduce MLK and what he stood for.

Rhythm lesson – winter wonderland

I think this music lesson video is a great compliment to what students learn in music class. Have your students tap on their laps to match the drum.

*Note: Limit this video to just the first 3 minutes.


Reinforce learning about patterns with this fun dancing patterns video. Make patterns using motions and get them learning.

Count to 100 with Spiderman

Just because Spiderman is in this video makes counting and doing 100 exercise moves more fun.

This video is great counting preparation for the 100th day of school.

Fixed fairy tales

If you’ve read any fairy tales (or fractured fairy tales) as a class, then compare one of these fixed fairy tales that are “how the story should have ended” versions:

I think students will find the storylines refreshing, but only if they know the originals well.


There you have it – videos that teachers are using in January in their kindergarten classrooms.

I hope that these winter books read aloud, exercise videos and learning videos are helpful as you teach through the winter.

Thanks to all of the kindergarten teachers who chimed in to share their favorites on the KindergartenWorks facebook page!

What videos did I miss that you love to show in your classroom in January? Share in the comments.

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Or add a few fun, winter-themed kindergarten activities to your lesson plans.

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