How to Make Pilgrim Pete the Cat: a Thanksgiving Craftivity

Let’s work the famous blue cat into this year’s Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten! In kindergarten, we love Pete the Cat!

Here is a free Pete the Cat Thanksgiving activity – a cut and paste craft with a writing component – that is just right for kindergarten.

How to Make a Pete the Cat Thanksgiving Activity - pilgrim pete

This activity is based off (affiliate) Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving. Here is a video preview of the book:

For this craftivity (a craft and writing activity blended together) your students will cut out the Thanksgiving Pete the Cat parts, glue them together then add a writing piece. Those are the basics of this project.

Now let’s get started!

How to make pilgrim Pete the Cat

To make this Pete with a pilgrim hat and buckle, you’ll print a face, eyes, nose, ears, hat, buckle and strap. Print the number of each piece that you’ll need for your class.

You can either print on colored construction paper and end up with a Pete that looks like this:

Or you can print all of the template pieces onto white paper and have your students color the paper pieces.

And you can end up with something like this (or even these cuties)

How to Make a Pete the Cat Thanksgiving Activity - easy craft for kids

To print, download the craft template here. [terms of use] [downloading help]

Once your pieces are printed it’s time to model or explain the project.

Students first cut, then assemble all of the pieces for the face. (If you use glue sponges, this project will be so easy to clean up!)

Then you assemble the pieces for the hats.

Then you glue the pilgrim hat on top of the face to finish.

You can even teach your students how to gently trim the face corners or the nose to soften the shapes.

Trim off the sharp edges to make a more rounded face and nose

He turns out so cute!

That’s the craft portion of this craftivity. Now it’s onto the writing.

Do the writing

In the book (or the video) Pete the Cat learns about the pilgrims and lots of the things they had to endure.

Go through that list of things with your students (or use other resource materials you’ve used to teach about the pilgrims) and have students brainstorm things they know about the pilgrims.

Have students write a sentence about the pilgrims and then draw and color a picture to match their sentence. The sentence is started for them in the writing template I included in the free download.

Put it together

Students glue their finished craft and their finished writing piece onto a large piece of construction paper (12″x18″).

These are great to hang up for Thanksgiving.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – a free Pete the Cat Thanksgiving craftivity – part craft, part writing activity – just right for kindergarten.

Share in the comments below or send me pictures – I’d love to see how your class’ turns out!

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