How to Easily Change Out Library Center Books


When it comes to setting up your classroom, I don’t think you should have to define how big your library area is by the number of books you have. 

How to Easily Change Out Library Center Books

Let me share why and how you can easily change out the library center books you have on display!

Why you shouldn’t put all of your books out

I think there is a little magic, by the way, in not having all of your books out all year long.

Other than saving space, interest is a big reason to rotate out the books on the shelves.

How to Easily Change Out Library Center Books - makes your space any size you want and not dependent upon your amount of books

Your kindergarten students will be more engaged over an entire year in this literacy center if you simply change out the reading material. Talk about easy to set up and maintain!

Plus, I think not having the world’s biggest collection of books out in your classroom at one time is definitely easier on the eyes.

It looks less cluttered, there is less “stuff” to clean up if things get a little messy and you need to have fewer totes/bins/baskets which is easier on the budget.

How to rotate books easily

If you have the closet or storage space to keep the library center books you don’t currently have on display – you should read my space-saving solution using paint sticks!

How to Easily Change Out Library Center Books - index card label

Give each category a label or icon. This is key with non-readers.

I use pictures that relate to the category. Make a label to go on the front of your baskets or bins. Attach the label with a piece of velcro (or two).

You can also get the labels I made for free. I hope that saves you gobs of time!

Now when you’re ready to trade out your alphabet, Clifford and Eric Carle books at the beginning of the school year for your Halloween, non-fiction bat books or your fairy tale classics all you have to do is take off the label and take out the books.

How to Easily Change Out Library Center Books - cute library center

Swap out your label and books for the new set and you’re set to go.

How to Easily Change Out Library Center Books - zip tie crates together for shelving

Personally, I would rotate out library center books every couple of weeks and do a few baskets at a time.

Bonus tip: Label your books to keep things organized

Now, a side note… it makes it super easy to keep your book collection organized and quick for clean up if you add a label to each book too.

I simply added the picture icon in the top corner and covered it with tape.

How to Easily Change Out Library Center Books - label books to match

Those little labels are included in my free book basket labels if you’re interested.


There you go – you are now free to not put every single book out in your classroom, you have an easy way to keep them organized while they are in your library literacy center and rotate them to keep interest high among your growing readers.

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