15 Kindergarten Teacher Shirts You Can Fall in Love With

The world of teaching kindergarten is such a unique place. My favorite principal would say that kindergarten is an island of its own – and I agree.

The stuff we get to teach for the first time, the cats we have to herd at the beginning of each year and the growth we get to see makes it so unique. But, I don’t have to lay that all out for you, do I, dear fellow k teacher?

I’ll be the first to admit that I love it!

Cutest Kindergarten Teacher T-Shirts

Kindergarten is near and dear to my heart which is why I created kindergarten teacher shirts. These are fun, modern designs just for kindergarten teachers.

Pick the designs you love and get them custom printed on whatever shirt style you like best.

Here are a few of my favorite kindergarten teacher shirt designs to get you started.

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Funny Teacher Tshirt Designs

Show your sense of humor by wearing a funny kindergarten teacher shirt. These are my fave teacher tees that’ll make you smile.

kindergarten teacher shirts

Let’s start with my newest favorite that touts just how cool kindergarten teachers are.

This kindergarten ninja teacher t-shirt is way popular.

Funny Kindergarten Teacher Shirt - I love this

It’s funny.

It’s true… and it’s metallic silver 🖤

Only a K teacher would understand

Most likely we’re the only ones who’d get this – but it’s so true. We transform an entire class of what feels like herding cats all day (that first tough week of school) to teaching them how to be incredible readers.

Only in kindergarten, people.

That’s why I made this I herd cats and teach them to read shirt. It’s awesome.

Lol. This funny kindergarten teacher shirt says it all!

There is this “I teach kinders to…” teacher shirt. It is a statement I created and kept on my website for years. It’s only fitting to be able to wear it in public {wink}

But a k teacher would also totally get this shirt too: Kindergarten is My Thing.

kindergarten is my thing teacher t-shirts

After all – kindergarten is what we do.

Just for Kindergarten Teachers

It’s easy to pick a favorite teacher shirt with so many options. With one to wear every jeans day, you’re sure to feel and teach your best.

Here are my top picks just for kindergarten teachers.

personalized teacher t-shirts for kindergarten online

We all deserve to feel comfy when we teach. So, this one ranks high on my list because it simply but beautifully states: Kindergarten teacher.

You can customize it to put in your name or delete the name if you just want it to say “kindergarten teacher.” You know simple is my style.

I love my kinders teacher t-shirts

This I love my kinders is a best seller and I think is easily could be considered a teacher-wardrobe staple.

You could also go with this more subdued version that looks great on any color fabric.

I teach kindergarten what's your superpower teacher t-shirt incredibles

Or you could show off your superpower – because – let’s be real – we are awesome.

And incredible.

{ha – get it?}

kindergarten rocks cute teacher t-shirts

And new on the block this year is a Kindergarten Rocks teacher tee. Just what the k teacher ordered for a comfy jeans day at school – or even on the weekends {wink}

Grade Level Team Teacher T-Shirts

And because we love to show off what we can accomplish as a team – it’s fun to do grade level team shirts.

Here are my favorite t-shirts for kindergarten grade level teams.

kindergarten grade level team teacher t-shirts

This rainbow kindergarten team teacher shirt is a new one that I love. The stamp feel, modern rainbow colors and the arrow are simple and almost understated but still make this teacher tee cute and interesting. You can also get it in plain white if you prefer for a darker colored tee.

This kindergarten team is the best selling one I’ve got for teams. It’s colorful like the one above but a bit bolder. It looks great on the black tee.

Special School Days

Our students can have fun dressing up for special school days – so why can’t we?

Here are my favorite teacher t-shirts for school days and holidays so that we indeed can be themed-dressed and still be comfy.

welcome to kindergarten funny teacher t-shirt

Whether it’s back to school night, parent orientation or just a welcome back to school night – this Welcome to Kindergarten t-shirt is perfect and just the right amount of funny for meeting your new brood of kinders.

Kindergarten teachers always make the nice list funny christmas teacher tshirt

When Christmas rolls around you can be sure that we kindergarten teachers know how to always make the christmas nice list.

Happy Last Day of School Teacher Shirt

And the best day of all to have a teacher t-shirt specific to kindergarten – if you ask me – it’s the last day of school.

There’s nothing like putting on this happy last day of kindergarten teacher t-shirt knowing that the next day it’s officially summer!

happy last day of kindergarten school's out teacher t-shirt

There you have my list of best t-shirts for kindergarten teachers – but of course, there are more to pick from!

So head on over to teachertshirts.co to find your teacher t-shirts to fall in love with.

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