Monster Stamping and Handwriting Numbers


I hope you have a fantastic long weekend and if you are just starting school – a very restful weekend. Gathering inspiration from others and paying it forward, I am sharing a freebie that I created to extend what I used from Fran @Kindergarten Crayons. Her awesome ideas for using the stamps from Target’s dollar spot, were my starting point. If you haven’t downloaded hers yet, be sure to! These I created to extend matching the numbers, handwriting the numerals and also the second set of pages features counting objects in a ten frame configuration.

monster stamping and handwriting numbers

Monster Number Stamping and Handwriting

It helps us practice Common Core Mathematical Standards:
  • K.CC.3.a. Recognize numbers from 0-10.
  • K.CC.3.b. Print numbers from 0-9 when prompted. (Number formation)
  • K.CC.4.a. Count objects by touching them singularly while saying the number name.
  • K.CC.4.b-1. Recognize that the last number named tells the number of objects counted.

While ordering numbers isn’t an important Common Core Standard to focus on right now, I did include it to see what my kinders are capable of and leave it more open ended. It is helping me determine my guided math groups that I am going to start next week. Week 4, here we come!

Think it might work in your classroom? What tips do you have? If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.


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