What Materials You Need for Kindergarten Reading Groups

Underneath my teacher space is where I have relocated my guided reading group materials. Right now the top shelf is designated for materials that we use on an everyday basis…

…the types of things that I’d use with any and every group. Do these look familiar? I use pencil caddies to contain the items so that I can move the entire basket to my table, or I can easily just grab. Since each caddy has 3 compartments, it can organize quite a bit for me. I keep a tub of playdough, bag of dice, bag of counters, pencils, blank half-sheet 5 page booklets, reading strategy checklists.

kindergarten small group reading materials

I also use those cute boxes that you see in the Target dollar spot to hold our pointers. I keep a variety or pointers, magnifying glass sticks and carabiner flashlights to help keep things fresh. Sometimes offering students a choice makes a big difference. I have one caddy designated just for our white boards (seen with purple backs).

The three compartments hold the boards, markers and erasers (baby sock/washcloths from the Dollar Tree).

And this year I decided to maximize the space and use the handles of each caddy to hold my “Don’t even think about interrrupting me” bracelet collection. This year I was able to add to it with some fantastic slap bracelets from Target and the Dollar Tree.

kindergarten small group reading materials : KindergartenWorks

Nearby I keep a basket for each group that contains materials that are just for them, and holds materials that we use over multiple days… I’ll include some links below to ideas I’ve used or adapted for my own class this year. Just a few of the tools I keep nearby for guided reading and pulling small groups during our reading/literacy centers.

More Guided Reading

What are some of your favorite tools to keep nearby? If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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  1. Thank you for so much inspiration and excellent organising ideas plus, plus, plus! I was shattered at the end of the year, July 5th, but after 3 weeks, feeling hopeful and excited, so your blog is just what I needed. Shirl, UK

    1. Thanks Shirley for taking the time to share your appreciation. Glad to hear that you are focusing on the positive and making the best out of your situation. We can only control our actions and our attitudes 😉 Best wishes to you this year. Keep us posted with the things that work out great for you!
      – Leslie

  2. Wow! It’s always a nice surprise to find bloggers I truly respect and adore use my own creations. Thanks Leslie.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

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