How to Organize Teacher Materials When You Plan Ahead

Teacher organization comes in lots of shapes and sizes depending upon your classroom.

Here’s an idea that probably will fit your classroom as it will help you with organizing teacher materials for each week and an entire quarter.

This idea surely isn’t new and you may already be doing it!

Where to put materials for the week

We’ve all been there. We used our precious planning time wisely and finally got ahead.

We planned and we prepped. Now, where to put the things we prepared so we don’t create clutter and take two steps back in working ahead.

Here was my solution:

In my teacher space, I have a place that holds materials for the current week.

KindergartenWorks: organizing teacher materials for the week and quarter

It’s a set of 5 magazine files.

I lay the magazine files down on their backs to make the things I store (those things I planned or prepped: books, papers, reminders) more easily accessible and visible when the holders are at this angle.

I printed the days of the week in colors that I liked and cut them to fit on the front of the (affiliate) magazine files.

I like the clean and simple look with a pop of color and fun font.

KindergartenWorks: organizing teacher materials for the week and quarter

I did laminate the paper before gluing it onto the front, so that way I can wipe it down as needed. (My teacher space does collect a lot of dust from being so close to the window and my computer)

When the day of the week rolls around, I grab what I need from the slot and I’m set to go.

These are also easy to describe to a substitute teacher so they can pull materials already prepped.

Long term: where to put things for the quarter

I will print off things like our math prompts or gather materials ahead of time – and rather than stick them into my lesson plan binder I simply have an additional set of magazine files below my teacher space.

These hold two weeks worth of materials and are awesome.

These are also laid down on their side to make the best use of space and fit everything except really tall picture books. {sigh}

KindergartenWorks: organizing teacher materials for the week and quarter

The labels were taped down in front of the files, so I can easily see them while sitting in my chair and looking down.

This system of keeping materials organized ahead of time works for me, but I will admit since the weekly files below are new to me this year, I am still finding myself spending time thinking, “Now where would I have put that…?” until I sheepishly remember my new system.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it. An easy system for organizing things for the week and weeks ahead in your classroom.

Do you think using a system like this could help you keep materials organized, or are you more of a drawer person?

Okay, its totally cool if you’re a pile person too. We all think and work differently! Just don’t let your piles become a source of overwhelm – make sure they actually work for you and not against you.

More Organization

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  1. I am one of those people that is almost too organized (if that’s possible…) I constantly try to come up with a system but then (like you mentioned) I’ll forget what my system is and sometimes even create another one by accident! I moved schools last year and it took me most of last school year to feel somewhat organized, but this year I am feeling soooo much better!

    I use the rubbermaid drawers to store things for each day and have an additional drawer for “next week” as well (sometimes things end up in there for several weeks away but at least I know where they are!) 🙂

    I love your system though!

    By the way, I have been a follower of yours for a very long time (I even ordered the custom center signs from you last year!) and have FINALLY started my own blog! I’d love for you come check it out and tell me what you think!


  2. Ummm, what if I’m just a MESS person who aspires to be so much more?!? ;). When i returned to the classroom last year after being out for 5 years I was lucky enough to get an office in my room along with a TON of old teacher stuff that I am STILL throwing away. While my classroom is very organized MY space is incredibly disorganized. This post has inspired me to give myself the gift of organizing my office. It would make my job so much easier!

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