Easy K-2 Simple Computer Lesson Plan Templates

Create computer lesson plans for k-2.

I’m so excited to share my latest product line with you – and it’s specifically designed for kindergarten, first grade, second grade and k-2 technology teachers.

Kindergarten teachers and computer lab teachers are in love with the Kindergarten Computer Lab and Reading Center Computer Lesson Plans.

You needed an easy solution for other grade levels too – well, I’ve got your back!

13 Easy to Use K-2 Simple Computer Lesson Plan Templates: KindergartenWorks

Here is a series of 13 themed lesson plan templates that make it simple to create your own computer lesson plans. Integrate academic standards into technology time with these partially editable templates.

They are easy to use in the computer lab and the individual classroom!

Simple Computer Lesson Plan Templates

Each theme includes 4 templates so you can totally pick out what fits your needs best.

You can change the labels on any template to organize pages by groups, levels, skills or time.

You’ll simply add internet links to the buttons in the template (like starfall.com, turtlediary.com or whatever content you want) and then turn it into a PDF file.

Students will be able to click on the buttons in the file and go straight to the websites you linked.

I’ll totally walk you through how to do it with directions and tutorial videos in your teacher files that comes with your purchase.

13 Easy to Use K-2 Simple Computer Lesson Plan Templates: KindergartenWorks

There is a template that’s designed for 3 levels or groups and also one for 4 groups.

If you’d rather organize by weeks – there’s a template for that too.

I’ve even included a template that’d be handy if you create a research project or a multi-step/self-guided tutorial project.

You’re only a few steps away from creating your own customized lesson plans with these Simple Computer templates.

13 Easy to Use K-2 Simple Computer Lab Lesson Plan Templates: KindergartenWorks
Student works on differentiated literacy skills at independent pace using internet games.

Just like each computer product I’ve made – including coolkindergarten.com – the Simple Computer lesson plan templates will let your students work at their own pace!

Simple Computer Lesson Plan Themes

Here is a list of the currently released themes. There are currently 13! You’re sure to find a few that are perfect for your classroom.

The themes are: Arctic Animals, Christmas, Dinosaurs, Farm Animals, Forest Animals I, Forest Animals II, Frosted Frozen, Jungle Animals, Ocean Animals, Superhero, Technology, Winter and Zoo Animals.

What Others Are Saying

Here is some of the feedback from teachers who’ve purchased the Simple Computer lesson plan templates. I’m pumped that it’s already loved by those who’ve gotten their hands on it.

Best Computer Click and Go Lesson Plan Templates for Internet
Computer Lesson Plan Templates Feedback

Go to Purchase Simple Computer Templates

It’s my hope that it’ll save you time if you’re managing a computer center or a computer lab – no matter which themes you choose!

I’m all for workin’ smart.

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