How To Line Up the First Day of School


The first day of school is almost overwhelming with new procedures and things to learn in kindergarten. No, that would be a lie to say *almost* because it definitely is overwhelming.

It’s just a big, exciting day with tons to pack in… in the most creative, energetic, playful, movement-oriented ways of teaching how to “do school.”

Here is one secret (well, not secret anymore) way of teaching kindergarten how to line up on the first day.

Why is this topic even necessary?

This topic is necessary because there are kinders who enter through the school doors and have no clue what you’re talking about when you say “make a line” or “get in line” or “stay in line.”

You’re talking about a line… and they are picturing a drawn line on paper and they are only picturing themselves {since they are still ego-centric at the age of entering kindergarten}.

They don’t realize they are to function as a whole unit with other little bodies to create themselves as a point on said line, drawn on the paper of what we call the floor.

In case you didn’t catch that… Yes, there are kids who don’t have a clue what a line is.

And even more than that, they don’t have a clue how to function as a whole unit or a “class” with other little bodies moving in unison.

What’s the solution?

Right, so here is my solution in explaining this concept in kinder-friendly terms.


How To Line Up Kindergartners on the First Day of School - KindergartenWorks

It seems that somehow just as a toddler who perhaps has never eaten a golden arches french fry can drive past a McDonald’s and name it based on the logo… that all kinders “get” the concept of a drive-thru.

They understand that cars are each lining up and taking a turn to follow some sort of determined path. They also understand the idea of what happens if the drivers get out of line… no french fries for you!

In essence, it’s a version of a line they’ve all experienced before.

Seem ridiculous? Maybe it is.

But it’s worked really well for me when I’m explaining how we will “get in line” before I teach them any cute sayings or use any transitions to actually get them in line.

Let’s wrap it up

There you have it – the secret and simple way to get all students to line up (and stay in a line formation) even on the first day of school.

I also find it super helpful as a tip to pass onto specials teachers as a gentle reminder how to handle my kiddos {when I drop them off that first week} if they have forgotten the tips and tricks that work with these oh-so-newbie students.

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  1. I use electrical tape on the floor. It lasts all year and won’t damage floors. It also comes in fun colors now.

  2. WTF? I have a MASSIVE problem with this!? Do we really need to teach children to conform to ‘a line’. Do they need to ‘march’ down the corridors? Form an orderly manner children education is here!? I think not!! Dance, sprint and frog jump your ways down the corridor… You own it! Which ever way you choose to move! Education is not a ‘drive- thru’!! It’s an all you can eat buffet! Dig in kids, we all know McDonalds drive through is not a healthy option!!!!!!

  3. I put vinyl wall clings with numbers on them on the tile floor. I assign each student to a number and that is how they line up. (I find it helpful to write down everyone’s number.) The clings last most of the year and pick up real easily from the floor at the end of the year. I love the idea of comparing it to a drive-thru!

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