Frosted: HUGE Unit of Frozen Winter Math and Reading Fun


It’s here! FROSTED – It’s a HUGE kindergarten unit of frozen winter math and reading fun! This unit has 14 differentiated activities full of frozen, wintery, snowflake fun.

Here is a breakdown of the entire unit so you get the sneak peek and can see just how large it is and flexible this will be for your classroom.

Frosted: HUGE Unit of Frozen Winter Math and Reading Fun

Seriously, I can’t share how excited I am about this.

When my favorite teacher down the hall started testing the waters with the sunlight sight word catchers in her classroom – her kids went nuts and were highly motivated to get the snowman just perfect! {ha}

This unit can be used at any time during the school year since we made it to be fluid and differentiated enough to cover all of your bases.

>> See 16 Page Product Preview

FROSTED Unit - Reading Activities :: KindergartenWorks

Frosted Frozen Reading Fun

These reading activities won’t leave your kinders frozen or out in the cold. They’ll be on fire with their reading skills when they get to use the fluency mats to work on letter recognition, or letter sounds or get Dibels nonsense word fluency practice.

Here’s the breakdown of each of the reading activities:

Frosted I-Spy Letters Sight Words Reading Kindergarten : I SPY and Record

Frosted Sight Word Pokey Pinning Reading Kindergarten : Sunlight Sight Word Catchers

Frosted Sight Words Pokey Pinning :: KindergartenWorks
A kinder working diligently on his sunlight sight word catcher. They LOVED this!

Frosted Fluency Reading Kindergarten Dibels : Differentiated Fluency Charts

Here’s what you get in this HUGE bundle:

Reading Activities –
  • Roll, Say Keep (40 Sight Words)
  • Roll, Say Keep (40 CVC Words)
  • Roll, Say Keep (Editable Version)
  • Roll, Say Keep (Blank Version)
  • I SPY and Record (Alphabet) Mat and 3 Differentiated Recording Sheets
  • I SPY and Record (Sight Words) Mat and 2 Differentiated Recording Sheets
  • I SPY and Record (CVC Words) Mat and 1 Recording Sheet
  • I SPY Mat (Editable Version)
  • 6 Sunlight Sight Word Catchers (Simple)
  • 3 Sunlight Sight Word Catchers (More Complex)
  • 6 Sunlight Sight Word Catchers (Editable Version)
  • 3 Differentiated Fluency Charts (Letter Naming and/or Letter Sounds)
  • 3 Differentiated Fluency Charts (Nonsense Words)
  • 6 Spin and Change Word Work Mats and 27 CVC Cards
  • 1 Spin and Change Word Work Mats and Cards (Editable Version)

Of course there is more than just reading activities!

FROSTED Unit - Math Activities :: KindergartenWorks

Frosted Cool Math Games and Activities

These math games and problem solving prompts will make your kinders feel so cool, they’ll think they’re frozen! {ha!} We’ve differentiated every activity so you don’t have to!

Here’s the breakdown of each of the math activities:

Frosted Cool Math Memory Game Kindergarten : Making 5 and 10 Memory Games

Frosted Cool Math Dice Game Bump Kindergarten : Differentiated Addition Bump Games

Here’s what you get in this HUGE bundle:

Math Activities –

  • 6 Differentiated Problem Solving Differentiated Prompts
  • Making 5 Memory Game (Ten Frames)
  • Making 5 Memory Game (Organized Objects)
  • Making 5 Memory Game (Numbers)
  • Making 10 Memory Game (Ten Frames)
  • Making 10 Memory Game (Organized Objects)
  • Making 10 Memory Game (Numbers)
  • 3 Differentiated Addition Bump Games (1,2,3 Dice)
  • 3 Differentiated Color by Ten Frames Worksheets
Helps Meet Common Core Math Standards:
  • K.OA.1.a Represent addition with objects, fingers, and sounds to identify the meaning of addition as putting together and adding to.
  • K.OA.1.e. Represent addition and subtraction by acting out situations and drawings.
  • K.OA.4.a State the number that makes 5 when added to any given number 1-4 with objects.
  • K.OA.4.b. State the number that makes 10 when added to any given number 1-9 with objects.
  • K.OA.5.a. Add fluently, orally or in writing, within 5.
  • K.NBT.1.a Compose numbers from 11-19 from a group of ten ones and additional ones using objects.
  • K.CC.3.a Recognize numbers from 0-10.
  • K.CC.4.a Count objects by touching them singularly while saying the number name.
  • K.CC.4.b-1 Recognize that the last number named tells the number of objects counted.
  • K.CC.4.c Recognize that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger.
  • K.MP.4. Model with mathematics.

FROSTED Unit Writing Activities :: KindergartenWorks

Frosted Writing Worksheets, Templates and Craftivity

Your kindergarten writers won’t experience writer’s block wince we’ve got it all laid out for you. You’ll love the organizers, class book and wildly popular craftivity snowman headband!

Here’s the breakdown of each of the activities:

Frosted Opinion Writing Kindergarten

Frosted Craft Frozen Snowman Headband Kindergarten

Here’s what you get in this HUGE bundle:

Writing Pieces –

  • 8 “What’s Your Opinion?” Class Book Covers
  • 9 “What’s Your Opinion?” Class Book Covers (Editable Version)
  • 7 “What’s Your Opinion?” Class Book Writing Templates
  • 5 Writing Organizers

Art/Craftivity Pieces –

  • Craft Template Pieces – Snowman Headband
  • 12 Craftivity Stationary Writing Templates
  • 3 Craftivity Stationary Writing Templates (Editable Version)

And you know I wouldn’t leave you in the lurch without the stuff that makes your life easier! #TeachersWorkHard

Frozen Unit Unique Features


  • 14 Teacher Organization Labels – Keep everything organized! Simple!
  • 10 Teacher Tips – Helpful printing tips, organization ideas or “how-to” so you can use it immediately.
  • 6 Student Picture Directions – Easy for non-readers and beginning readers to remember what to do!

Get this Frosted Math & Literacy Unit

Frosted: HUGE Unit of Frozen Winter Math and Reading Fun

Frosted Math and Literacy | Centers and Small Group Materials | Differentiated

This unit was designed to meet these goals:

  • Planned so you could potentially use it at almost any point in the school year. You can do the theme when it suits you!
  • Good fit for differentiation of kindergarten levels.
  • Contain editable pieces to help you meet your own students’ needs. (You must first unzip the files/extract them to use. Microsoft PowerPoint software needed to customize editable files.)
  • Give material to supplement 1-2 weeks of teaching when using a whole and small group format (or centers/stations).
  • Easily used in addition to curriculum you already use in your classroom.
  • Priced so you can use in addition to your favorite themed read alouds or other theme materials.

What piece do you think your kinders will love? I can’t wait to hear!! If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I look forward to sharing ideas with you weekly.

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  1. My kids love the I Spy activities and I love that they choose to do them instead of playtime at the end of our day! Constant learning!!

  2. My special ed students would the sunlight sight word catchers that are so great for strengthening their fine motor skills. I think that they would also love the craftivities. They are crazy for Frozen!

  3. I am a new follower and I love this packet. All of the graphics and activities are adorable. The matching game would be a huge attraction in my class!

  4. We are currently working in finalizing our winter unit, so your activities will fit in like a glove! I love the fact that the CCS are all included!

  5. I have girls in my class who can sing the ENTIRE theme song – every word. They would be ECSTATIC with any of these products. My favorite is the i-spy and the headband. SO cute! Thank you for sharing! PS. I love your center ideas! My partner and I are in the middle of implementing your literacy centers and it is going SO well. Thank you SO much!

  6. My kids love anything to do with Frozen and I was looking for more materials with that theme. Also, I love just about anything you put together, Leslie. I teach Pre-K and can adapt many of your materials for that age. Thanks for all you do.

  7. My students would love this! We sang the Frozen Sing-Along yesterday, and ALL of them knew the words. They’ve been excited about addition; I think they’d really like the math games.

  8. My class would enjoy all the math activities and they would love the Olaf headband! It’s only November, but we are already “frozen” in WI 🙂

  9. I love the ispy activity. I think every girl in my class was Elsa or Anna for Halloween. And every boy in my room loves the magnifying lenses at the science table. What a great way to connect both!

  10. My kinders are obsessed with EVERYTHING Frozen. They will be thrilled with the Frosted Bump (a regular favorite so adding Frozen will make it that much better) and I think they will love the I spy. We are getting a lot of practice these days with a magnify glass for our plants so they would enjoy using it for literacy centers. Of course, who would not go nuts over the Olaf craft. Thanks for such an amazing product.

  11. I love it!! My favorite part is the alphabet search and the pokey pin sight word pages…my kiddos love these activities an they will be so excited to get a new one with the change of season. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  12. I purchased the “Frozen” math and literacy unit; however, it would not download. The download stated it was invaild.

    1. Hi Jackie, Thanks for being a follower and I’m tickled you couldn’t wait for the giveaway. I’ve double checked that the error was fixed on my end – so you’re in the clear to download! Thanks for your purchase. – Leslie

  13. The craft project but I will love that you have already correlated to the CCS to make my time more efficient on my lesson plans for the principall

  14. Since “Frozen” is the biggest game in town, my children will love all of it. I’m excited about finding more materials to make 5 and 10. Love that there are editable pieces so that I can personalize it for my class.

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